Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Secret to "APPROACH ALL"

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Recently i haven't been able to post due to HIGH volume of school work since i am now taking finals. Which i think is coming along great by the way.

Now that school is letting out soon and i'll have much much more free time, i'll be putting extreme efforts back into posting field reports, blog post, vBlogs(maybe), and even some live in-field!(Once i get a camera   and mic).

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So..To today's post. I always encourage my buddies/wings, friends that day game can be executed at ANYTIME. A lot of guys think you have to "specifically" go out with intentions on day gaming or to pick up chicks. When in reality..YOU DON'T. I've hammered the concept of APPROACHING in my brain so much till its become a natural instinct now.

For example, if you are in a situation that your brain tells you can potentially cause you harm..what happens? Your mind automatically begins to find ways to get out of the situation and ultimately save yourself.

Approaching should become the same way. Learn to make it an automatic response. The average person are SLAVES to their brains. They allow their brains to control them or identify who they are vs. allowing yourself and being to control your mind. This happens when you become conscious or present. This is why presence is such an important concept. The guys at RSD such as tyler really hammer this home.

So how do you make approaching a automatic response when you see a girl you want to talk to or find attractive?

Simply by ignoring the thoughts of the girl cursing you out, slapping you, or simply ignoring you. When you are first starting your mind is automatically wired to do this.

Pain and Pleasure

We as humans ALWAYS link things in life to either pain or pleasure. We tend to lean more towards things that we THINK/ BELIEVE will lead to pleasure and we try to avoid things our MIND tells us may or will lead to pain.

When i first got into the game over a year ago, i linked interactions with girls to PAIN. Massive social pain of what to say next, do i look stupid, what if she rejects me and people laugh, what if im not her type, what if, what if what if what if...until ultimately i would fuck myself from EVER cold approaching girls.

I believe lots of guys who first enter the game or even the ones that's been in the game over a year now still to have approach anxiety from LINKING approaching to PAIN.

How simple is this to correct?

Well it can be pretty simple. I was amazed at my ability to approach when i begin to replace the NEGATIVE thoughts of approaching with POSITIVE thoughts of approaching and what could come of me just walking up and saying "Hi".

Some of the common NEGATIVE thoughts of approaching a girl:

1. What if she "rejects" me?
2. What do i say to her?
3.I don't know anything interesting to say to make her like me...
4.What if she has a boy friend?
5.What if she ignores me and keeps walking?
6.What if her boy friend is around?

I'm sure you guys can think of several more....

Now, the best way i've learned to remove or all together eliminate the bullsh*t thoughts is by replacing them with POSITIVE thoughts

What are some POSITIVE thoughts to replace my NEGATIVE thoughts?

1.She could be a new f*ck buddy.
2.She could be the girl i'm looking for(if you want this).
3. She could be my new girl friend.
4.She could be a new friend that i make who can introduce me to more of her hot friends or a new social circle.
5.She could be my first day game(or night game) make out.
6. She could be my PULL today or tonight, or on a day 2.
7.She could be a famous model, have access to exclusive clubs.
8.I'm the guy she has been waiting for.
9. I AM ENOUGH. No matter what i say. I AM ENOUGH. If she doesn't accept that. Her loss.

You see? Honestly if you look at it..There are SO many good outcomes that can come from simply APPROACHING versus the few negative things that your mind tells you will happen( which 9.5 times out of 10 they WONT).

So when i see a cutie walking down the street etc. Those are the POSITIVE thoughts that go through my mind from the moment i spot her, and ultimately i have no issues with pushing through the logistical bullsh*t and APPROACHING.

Now, when first using this, you will notice a tug of war between the negative and positive thoughts. But you will notice your will power to push through when your mind tells you there is light at the end of the tunnel vs your mind telling you, you are f*cked if you approach.

So, i thought i would make a quick post on that before i head out for the night in a few!

So try it out, let me know what you guys think.

I have a new field report coming tomorrow from a pretty crazy day game story while i was on lunch break at work, involving my boss and a girl i had just met! haha. Pretty interesting. Also i'll have some FR's and post from tonight too!



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