Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sitcking Through The Pain To Get Your Stunner...And Beyond.

Last Friday i was out...

And it was brutal. The game was showing its ugly face, and when it does....Boy is it ugly.

Approach after approach, blow out, blow out. Eventually after getting blown out so many times you become immune to it.

I honestly wanted to tell my wings lets pack it up and go home. But i decided to be disciplined, and push through.

Eventually i see a STUNNER(or my definition of one). Bang. Im in..

She didnt want to stop because she was with her friends, but at this point it didnt matter, and i really wanted this girl, so i stuck in their. Made her stop. And laid it on her. Then walked with her to her destination with her group of friends, and then number closed her. And yes...It was SOLID.

Text her about a hour later with some light witty humor. Responded.

Its been a week later, and i've slow played it so far. Plus i havent had time for a day 2 with her due to other things and other women im seeing.

This Friday we are going on a FREE date to see the monuments in the city at night. At first i was hestitant because im sure this girl has guys oferring her trips, free dinners and shit. But i said fuck it, it is what it is. This is where i am..We are doing some free shit and its gonna be better than what any other guy can offer..

So here we go...I will have a post saturday about it. Enjoy some pics of her below. ;-)

Yep. Shes a cheerleader..Had no idea until she sent me this.


The Magic Pill For Approaching Women

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Placing To Much Value On Sex and Getting Laid

Placing Too Much Value On Sex and Getting Laid


I think this is a topic that is very key and most guys overlook. Keep in mind, i am speaking in perspective of guys who TAKE ACTION.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Why Pick Up/RSD Creates An Upward Spiral of Taking Action

Why Pick Up/RSD Creates An Upward Spiral of Taking Action

yoo, Hows it going?

In todays video i share my thoughts on why pick-up creates a upward spiral of taking action(for most guys).

Check it out!

If you have any questions or video topics, feel free to leave a comment!

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Truth Why Most Guys Don't Get Laid

Yo, hope you all had a great weekend full of ACTION.

Today i want to talk about a "touchy" topic, of why most guys don't get laid.

The number 1 reason I think most guys don't get laid, is because...They are TRYING to get laid.

Now, when i say trying, i am not referring to trying to pull, but i am referring to just trying to fuck the girl with minimum investment. Coming from a frame of just wanting to fuck.

If that's the case, you should just hire a hooker...

This is the worst frame i think you can possibly be in since it is a frame of TAKING rather than giving. The universe is designed to GIVE and to share.

Share positive emotions with the girl.
Give her fun and a good time.
 Dance with her.
Introduce her to your friends.
Then escalate.
Talk about things she likes or shared interest.
Be carefree.
Escalate more.
Change venues.
Don't be needy and seeking validation or a certain reaction.
Don't qualify yourself, let her qualify herself to you.
You are enough.
Make out with her.
And ultimately pull her.(Or get her number and set up a day-2)

I think most guys fall into the frame of what society teaches us:

Minimum Input, And Expect Maximum output.

Sorry, but it just doesn't work that way. Give. When i am going up to girls when i go out, i am coming from a frame of legitimate interest. Giving her fun. Dancing with her. Saying funny shit. Being self-amused. Ultimately not just TRYING to just get laid. Most of the times i can care less about fucking a girl the same night. I would rather see her the next day for a day two or something. But that's just me. To each his own.

Anyway, gonna crack into today's video..Enjoy...Or not.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Being Sincere When Picking Up Women

“I got my eyes on you…your everything that I see, I want your high love and emotions…”

Writing this as I jam to the new Drake song – “Hold on, We’re Going Home”. I really like that new jam. I personally think this song can relate to pick-up. 

Just listen to the words. ;-)

Went out for day game yesterday during right after work to a local “hotspot” for day game. A great place to pick-up women in our city. It was actually pretty brutal though. I got into about 50 sets over the course of 3 hours. I know i probably walked a total of 6 miles. Hooked quite a few sets but for the most part they were all no-goes, or a flakey number. 

What’s my point? 
Don’t expect every session of Day Game or your night out to be good, and don't always expect to get the results you want or think you deserve. 

Unfortunately, there are things that you can’t control. Maybe all of the girls you approach are having a bad night (The odds of that happening is low). Or maybe your dog died and you’re out of it…Either way, don’t be so hard on yourself about having a few bad nights. It happens to the best of us. I personally use these experiences to LEARN. I think when you get blown out and fail over and over, you LEARN better than if you were to always get what you wanted. That’s just how our universe works. Remember, one of the best ways to be SUCCESSFUL is to FAIL as quickly has possible and LEARN.

I digress.

So after a pretty shitty session of day game. I caught the train back home. Then went out later with a few wings. 

We decided to hit up the streets around 12:00am. This time is usually a bad time to start street game, ESPECIALLY if you do not have intentions on joining a girl or group of girls to a bar or club. For me, since I am under 21 I don’t have intentions on that.

So I simply use this time as my “warm-up” time. I literally go from set to set.

Blowout. Blowout. Blowout. Hook. Blowout. Hook. Hook. 

Something like that. And as the night progresses it starts to become more of climb uphill instead of down. 

So I got a few number closes, totally self-amused enjoying the night. Then, I spot a STUNNER. Well, my definition of a stunner at least (Leggy, rigid facial features, tight body, Latina). She is walking past with a group of friends. 

I know this is my type of girl and feel COMPLETELY entitled to her. I deserve this girl.

I go in. Bang. 

She was extremely hesitant to stop since she was with her friends, but I knew I deserved her so I pretty much made her stop. (Not in an aggressive way, but more of a persistent way). She stops while her friends watch from about 20ft away. It was a group of guys and girls. I tell her:

 “Listen, I saw you from a far, and notice how you are just my type. You know, I go out a lot and I meet a lot of people. It’s not often I meet a girl I really like that often. Or i;m attracted to right from the start.” 

She tells me she thinks I am lying, so I simply tell her "You dont have to believe me, but I’m just being honest". 

I notice her friends waiting and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold her much longer since she was starting to feel pressure from her friends to keep walking with them. So being socially aware, I ask where she was headed with her friends. She tells me, and I tell her I’ll walk with her. Then I stick out my arm and she grabs it. We walk, talk and connect until we get to the destination. She wanted me to go inside with her but I knew the bouncers were not going to let me in unless I pay a good amount of money. So I told her I had to re-join my friends. And I tell her to take my number and call me. She takes it. Calls me right then and there. Text her later that night. Responded within a few minutes.

So what is the major takeaway from this that you can add to your game? 

Well if you didn’t realize, I was very sincere during this pick-up.

And there are a few reasons why this worked:

  1. I was not coming from a place of neediness or desperation. 
  2. Now that I have abundance, I was not desperate not to lose her. 
  3. I   was normal, no flashy pick-up gamey shit.

When being sincere you must be CERTAIN you are not coming from a place of NEEDINESS or DESPERATION. Basically, saying shit just to not lose the girl. Bad, Bad. 

If you are being “sincere” just to keep the girl talking to you…Well, more than likely she will pick up on this and still leave.

 People can see sincerity by your expressions, and especially EYE CONTACT.

Also with this girl I knew if I opened her with flash game or being “gamey” it wasn’t going to happen. 

How did I know? It’s called REFERENCE experience from taking action a lot and being socially aware of situations and dynamics.

So it’s okay to be sincere. Just make sure you are coming from the right place.

Check out my new video on the topic: