Friday, April 19, 2013

The Asian and the Blocker

So Thursday night i decided to go out. I've heard through a lot of people that Thursdays are great nights to go out. I actually think so too. Traffic in the city is light, tons of parking, not many tourist, and crowds. I will probably be out EVERY Thursday as much as i can.

At first i planned to go out solo but then one of my buddies hit me up and said he wanted to come out!

So we head out and when we first entered the club it was really dead. Not to many people around. But we made sure we got their early to get in for free since we are under 21.

So we just dance around start talking to some other guys just staying socially calibrated.

Eventually the club began to fill. As soon as me and my buddy spot the first approach WE GO IN! i was kinda in my head but new what i had to do! I CAME TO CONQUER!  I didn't plan on getting any where with the first few sets so i was basically going around not really giving a shit and just having fun dancing. My first set i approach was with a group of about 5 other girls. I approached with a basic "Hey! Whats up!" Fully present, engaged locked in with eye contact. Then i introduce myself to her and dap up the guys and introduce myself to the girls. Then roll out.

Next set...was a two set..Me and my buddy approach we ended up getting blown out(I love saying that. haha. That phrase actually makes me laugh.)

Anyway, me and my wing split up for a bit. My wing has great potentially and it wont be long before he will be a FUCKIN PIMP!

So i end up doing a few more approaches. And i slowly but surely started to warm, up. I got blown out a few more times throughout the night but kept pushing and pushing.

We were in the club for about 4 hours so towards the latter half i spot a asian group taking a picture with the club photographer so i grab the girls and tell the photographer to take a pic! Then i grabbed the girl i wanted and told her to dance. We start to dance and have a good time. i get her name and start to feel her up and grind on her. She was so into me it was INSANE. Then...The mother clucker comes in and PULLS her away from me!

So me being VERY persistent and pushing it to the bitter end, i didnt let this stand in my way. I pushed through and pulled her back and we begin to dance again and grind and i begin to kiss her kneck/shoulder a little to get her ready for the make out...Then...

The mother clucker RETURNS! And pulls away the friend AGAIN! So at this point im like trying to round up some guys in the club who werent just standing around watching to come and talk to the other friends while i pull my girl. Unfortunately, they all would say a word to the girl...Then just stand and watch me...Pathetic. So while im dancing with my girls i try and isolate her through the crowd to get away from her friends..SUCCESS. 

So she starts to talk in my ear. "Your such a hot black guy." "Your so sexy." "I love how you had the balls to grab with away from my friends. Thats pretty bold." 

Then i say..."Im a ballsy guy..Feel them..Then i take her hand while we are grinding she laughs and says "I like you. i haven't met a black guy like you." I respond with something else to combat what she said but cant remember it exactly.

and i start to kiss on her kneck again(SOFTLY and LIGHTLY barely noticable). I then put my hands on her ass and start to really grind hard. it was like i was fucking her on the dance floor. A bunch of chodes were just standing around watching...haha..That never fails to amuse me. So then she starts to rub my head and i knew it was time...I go for the makeout..And her tongue shot into my mouth like a lizard trying to escape the mouth of a snake. I knew it was ON! But then...

She returns! and this time she pulls her out the club right out of my hands and they leave the club.

Dudes that were standing around watching start to dap me up and shake my hand...I laugh to myself like wow, these guys have no idea..They are just to sorry to educate themselves.Ha. 

So i find my wing and we continue approaching for the next thirty minutes. And soon we decide to head out when the club begins to clear.

We walk outside, and i spot asian girl and her friends with two other guys. One guy was leaned up against the wall and had the girl. So i tell me wing... "Watch this.." I had no idea what was going to happen nor did i care! ha. I AM FEARLESS. So i go in to pull my girl..

As soon as i walk up she automatically knows who i am and i grab her hand and pull her to me and in for the hug. She wraps her arms around me and..

Me: "I so hate you right now."(As i begin to pick her up while we were hugging to move her away from the group).

Her: "Why do you hate me? I dont want you to hate me."

Me: "Because i know you missed me like crazy and cant stand to not be around me. Plus, you left me in that nasty club. So i hate you."

Her: "I did miss you! Im glad you came out before i left."

Its something about picking women up that they love..She enjoyed me being able to just snatch her up and carry her away(Benefits of going to the gym).

So i get her to a corner of a window not to far from her group and i pin her up against the window and go in for the makeout...Again her tongue shoots into my mouth...I start to move my hands under her skirt and she wraps her legs around me..and it began to get HOT right in the street. ha. The guy who was trying to game her too was like "Ayye ayyeee..Man what are you doing?" I just ignored him. I wasnt worried about him fighting because i knew he wasnt willing to go their over a girl. He wasnt that type of guy. 

Eventually her friend comes to pull he friend away and she moves her friend and comes up to me in front of her friend...

Her: "Your not a gentlemen how are you just going to make out with her. You shouldnt do that."

At this point i realized she wanted me so i respond with.. "Im such a gentlemen. I did her a favor. Plus she kissed me first."

She laughs and looks at me with shock! Then she says something about her ex boyfriend and i was like you know you love black guys and i pick her up and twirl her around and was like "Yeaaahh! i love asians!!"

While her friend watched..Then i put her up against the window and ask her has she heard of BBC's ha! She laughs and ask what it was..I tell her and she laughs. And acts like she wanted to make out with me. 

Then i kissed her for heard and ask did her ex kiss her there..Then i move to her cheeks then she needs some validation.."But wait, you were just making out with my friend!" hahah! 

I say "I wasnt going to make out with you sweetheart" and laugh at her. She smiles and laughs and acts like she wanted to make out with me..Then their rides arrive and they have to leave.

I ended up getting my girls number and made out one more time before she gets into the car.

Yeah..LONG post! ha. I love to write and reflect though. It really helps to improve. 

So..Will i ever sleep with her? Who knows and who cares. It will be PLENTY more of her. But it just shows you guys that you MUST be persistent and PUSH through the bs. In the game you encounter soooo much bs but you have to push through. 

Also when entering a venue dont expect to just walk in and be in "state" after working or being in school all day. So start getting socially calibrate. Just have fun, socialize. Talk to ANYBODY and then let the good times roll!


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