Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sitcking Through The Pain To Get Your Stunner...And Beyond.

Last Friday i was out...

And it was brutal. The game was showing its ugly face, and when it does....Boy is it ugly.

Approach after approach, blow out, blow out. Eventually after getting blown out so many times you become immune to it.

I honestly wanted to tell my wings lets pack it up and go home. But i decided to be disciplined, and push through.

Eventually i see a STUNNER(or my definition of one). Bang. Im in..

She didnt want to stop because she was with her friends, but at this point it didnt matter, and i really wanted this girl, so i stuck in their. Made her stop. And laid it on her. Then walked with her to her destination with her group of friends, and then number closed her. And yes...It was SOLID.

Text her about a hour later with some light witty humor. Responded.

Its been a week later, and i've slow played it so far. Plus i havent had time for a day 2 with her due to other things and other women im seeing.

This Friday we are going on a FREE date to see the monuments in the city at night. At first i was hestitant because im sure this girl has guys oferring her trips, free dinners and shit. But i said fuck it, it is what it is. This is where i am..We are doing some free shit and its gonna be better than what any other guy can offer..

So here we go...I will have a post saturday about it. Enjoy some pics of her below. ;-)

Yep. Shes a cheerleader..Had no idea until she sent me this.


The Magic Pill For Approaching Women

What if i told you i can offer you a FREE magic pill for approaching ANY girl you want?

Would you buy in?

Well, today i offer you that magic pill

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Placing To Much Value On Sex and Getting Laid

Placing Too Much Value On Sex and Getting Laid


I think this is a topic that is very key and most guys overlook. Keep in mind, i am speaking in perspective of guys who TAKE ACTION.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Why Pick Up/RSD Creates An Upward Spiral of Taking Action

Why Pick Up/RSD Creates An Upward Spiral of Taking Action

yoo, Hows it going?

In todays video i share my thoughts on why pick-up creates a upward spiral of taking action(for most guys).

Check it out!

If you have any questions or video topics, feel free to leave a comment!

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Truth Why Most Guys Don't Get Laid

Yo, hope you all had a great weekend full of ACTION.

Today i want to talk about a "touchy" topic, of why most guys don't get laid.

The number 1 reason I think most guys don't get laid, is because...They are TRYING to get laid.

Now, when i say trying, i am not referring to trying to pull, but i am referring to just trying to fuck the girl with minimum investment. Coming from a frame of just wanting to fuck.

If that's the case, you should just hire a hooker...

This is the worst frame i think you can possibly be in since it is a frame of TAKING rather than giving. The universe is designed to GIVE and to share.

Share positive emotions with the girl.
Give her fun and a good time.
 Dance with her.
Introduce her to your friends.
Then escalate.
Talk about things she likes or shared interest.
Be carefree.
Escalate more.
Change venues.
Don't be needy and seeking validation or a certain reaction.
Don't qualify yourself, let her qualify herself to you.
You are enough.
Make out with her.
And ultimately pull her.(Or get her number and set up a day-2)

I think most guys fall into the frame of what society teaches us:

Minimum Input, And Expect Maximum output.

Sorry, but it just doesn't work that way. Give. When i am going up to girls when i go out, i am coming from a frame of legitimate interest. Giving her fun. Dancing with her. Saying funny shit. Being self-amused. Ultimately not just TRYING to just get laid. Most of the times i can care less about fucking a girl the same night. I would rather see her the next day for a day two or something. But that's just me. To each his own.

Anyway, gonna crack into today's video..Enjoy...Or not.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Being Sincere When Picking Up Women

“I got my eyes on you…your everything that I see, I want your high love and emotions…”

Writing this as I jam to the new Drake song – “Hold on, We’re Going Home”. I really like that new jam. I personally think this song can relate to pick-up. 

Just listen to the words. ;-)

Went out for day game yesterday during right after work to a local “hotspot” for day game. A great place to pick-up women in our city. It was actually pretty brutal though. I got into about 50 sets over the course of 3 hours. I know i probably walked a total of 6 miles. Hooked quite a few sets but for the most part they were all no-goes, or a flakey number. 

What’s my point? 
Don’t expect every session of Day Game or your night out to be good, and don't always expect to get the results you want or think you deserve. 

Unfortunately, there are things that you can’t control. Maybe all of the girls you approach are having a bad night (The odds of that happening is low). Or maybe your dog died and you’re out of it…Either way, don’t be so hard on yourself about having a few bad nights. It happens to the best of us. I personally use these experiences to LEARN. I think when you get blown out and fail over and over, you LEARN better than if you were to always get what you wanted. That’s just how our universe works. Remember, one of the best ways to be SUCCESSFUL is to FAIL as quickly has possible and LEARN.

I digress.

So after a pretty shitty session of day game. I caught the train back home. Then went out later with a few wings. 

We decided to hit up the streets around 12:00am. This time is usually a bad time to start street game, ESPECIALLY if you do not have intentions on joining a girl or group of girls to a bar or club. For me, since I am under 21 I don’t have intentions on that.

So I simply use this time as my “warm-up” time. I literally go from set to set.

Blowout. Blowout. Blowout. Hook. Blowout. Hook. Hook. 

Something like that. And as the night progresses it starts to become more of climb uphill instead of down. 

So I got a few number closes, totally self-amused enjoying the night. Then, I spot a STUNNER. Well, my definition of a stunner at least (Leggy, rigid facial features, tight body, Latina). She is walking past with a group of friends. 

I know this is my type of girl and feel COMPLETELY entitled to her. I deserve this girl.

I go in. Bang. 

She was extremely hesitant to stop since she was with her friends, but I knew I deserved her so I pretty much made her stop. (Not in an aggressive way, but more of a persistent way). She stops while her friends watch from about 20ft away. It was a group of guys and girls. I tell her:

 “Listen, I saw you from a far, and notice how you are just my type. You know, I go out a lot and I meet a lot of people. It’s not often I meet a girl I really like that often. Or i;m attracted to right from the start.” 

She tells me she thinks I am lying, so I simply tell her "You dont have to believe me, but I’m just being honest". 

I notice her friends waiting and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold her much longer since she was starting to feel pressure from her friends to keep walking with them. So being socially aware, I ask where she was headed with her friends. She tells me, and I tell her I’ll walk with her. Then I stick out my arm and she grabs it. We walk, talk and connect until we get to the destination. She wanted me to go inside with her but I knew the bouncers were not going to let me in unless I pay a good amount of money. So I told her I had to re-join my friends. And I tell her to take my number and call me. She takes it. Calls me right then and there. Text her later that night. Responded within a few minutes.

So what is the major takeaway from this that you can add to your game? 

Well if you didn’t realize, I was very sincere during this pick-up.

And there are a few reasons why this worked:

  1. I was not coming from a place of neediness or desperation. 
  2. Now that I have abundance, I was not desperate not to lose her. 
  3. I   was normal, no flashy pick-up gamey shit.

When being sincere you must be CERTAIN you are not coming from a place of NEEDINESS or DESPERATION. Basically, saying shit just to not lose the girl. Bad, Bad. 

If you are being “sincere” just to keep the girl talking to you…Well, more than likely she will pick up on this and still leave.

 People can see sincerity by your expressions, and especially EYE CONTACT.

Also with this girl I knew if I opened her with flash game or being “gamey” it wasn’t going to happen. 

How did I know? It’s called REFERENCE experience from taking action a lot and being socially aware of situations and dynamics.

So it’s okay to be sincere. Just make sure you are coming from the right place.

Check out my new video on the topic:



Monday, June 10, 2013

How To Become Attractive - Get Girls Begging For Your Attention

Have you ever seen some weird looking fat guy with a stunning hot chick?


Or maybe you were walking down the street on your lunch break and see the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen before…But you don’t think you have what it takes to attract a girl of this caliber.

Dont be these guys
(Dont be these guys)

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could attract this type of girl?

Well guess what…YOU CAN.

For most guys this is a fantasy and think it takes a certain “skill” or “technique” to get these types of girls.

“How to become attractive” to the opposite sex is probably one of the BIGGEST questions asked by men AND women. Since guys usually think with their cocks, this question plagues more guys than women. In “modern” society the women are the choosers, and this puts unneccessary stress on most guys to attract and bed beautiful quality women.

Well this is complete BULLSHIT.

There isn’t a book or guide that you can read that will tell you the EXACT one way to become more attractive to women. Sure, there are books and websites that claim to have the “magic” pill to becoming more attractive.

But the truth is there are only QUALITIES and BEHAVIORS that are known to be the most attractive to women and that naturals (guys who are naturally good with women and get laid) have that gets them laid.

Will adopting these behaviors guarantee you will bang every girl you make eye contact with? NO.

All you can do is optimize yourself to be able to make the most of each situation with a girl you approach either through cold approach or through a social circle.

So today I will be discussing the top qualities and behaviors MYSELF and other naturals (Tyler, Julien, Eg.) have adopted and developed into our core personality.

NOTE: Before you read this article and get to technical or in your head..I advise you check out this video by Julien on attraction:

Top Qualities and Behaviors of Attractive Naturals – Becoming the guy EVERYONE wants to meet

1. Unshakable Confidence / Solid Beliefs


Confidence is probably the number one attractive quality that will roll of ANY girls tongue if you ask her what attracts her. When someone says confidence you may think this is being a arrogant asshole who only cares about himself.

No, being more confident with women means:

1) having the balls to approach her and know it really isn’t a big deal.
2) Literally not giving a shit about the interaction you are having with the girl.
3) Not being afraid to lose her.
4) Believe in yourself.
5) You don’t need permission to do something you want. Dont be a permission boy.
6) You go after what you want in life.

2. Being Fun / Funny

Nothing opens a women’s heart better than a making her laugh or giggle. One of my best approaches to being funny is: “Cocky Comedy”.

Check out this video for some examples:


Cocky comedy is the type of humor that makes a girl go ‘I can’t believe you just said that!” and taps you playfully on the shoulder. If you are a fan of a show called californication, you’ll notice Hank Moody is the king of Cocky comedy.

When I first started using cocky comedy I would take it too far sometimes. So learn to balance it by not taking it to far. You want to say things that are humorous while pushing the boundaries of being offensive but not TOO offensive or over the line.

Ultimately you wont to be the center of the fun. Be the party. Learn to let go. Dance, dont give a shit, and have a blast,  give positive emotions instead of taking them. People(women) will love you for it.

3. Be a Teaser

Teasing doesn’t mean poking fun of some one’s body fat or being slightly obese. What I mean is teasing in an emotionally and physical way that builds positive responses.

Teasing a women in a “Cocky comedy” way can start some great vibing. For example, everytime a girl tells me she likes something I am doing…ill STOP. This builds a playful vibe of her chasing me to give her more of those positive emotions and me teasing her.

Get it? This could be related to “Push pull” depending on how you use it. It can be very powerful though.

Be careful, their is a such thing as over doing it. Don't tease to much. You can get a feel for when it is a good time to tease and when its a good time not to.

4. Be Authentic, Real, Honest, And CLEAR IN YOUR INTENTIONS

This is a BIG one. Women can smell a fake from a mile away. They are THE BEST bullshit detectors. Trust me on this.

Women love a guy who is clear in what he wants and is authentic.

For example, you are on a date with a girl and you want to kiss her. Most average guys will just “try to play it cool” in fear that they will lose the girl. Instead of being clear in their intentions, letting the girl know he wants her and making out with her.

Be authentic. If a girl asks you if she you like her shoes and deep down you really think they are ugly…Be authentic. Don’t be an asshole. But let her know they are okay but you don’t care for them to much. This is what I mean by be authentic…Women hate a guy who tries to kiss ass to win her over. Trust me, it doesn’t work. It will land you in the friend zone and alone at home jizzing on your keyboard.

Most guys act in a way that show they are ASHAMED of their desires. Don’t be this guy, EMBRACE your DESIRES. Don’t try to hide them in fear it will cause you humiliation or losing the girl...

Trust me, you will gain more respect and women by being CONGRUENT and EXPRESIVE IN YOUR DESIRES.

Here is a good video where tyler talks about being congruent and authentic:

And Another

5. Set Bounderies / Dont Take Shit


In other words…Don’t take shit from a girl. Or don’t put up with a girls bull shit in general.

Set boundaries for yourself. For example, if a girl is trying to make you chase her beyond what you are willing to. Let her know, you are not a chaser and you are not going to chase her all night. Then roll out if she doesnt comply.

Dont be a ass kisser. This will get you no where...With women or in life.

In other words respect yourself, and don’t accept behaviors or people who are below your standards.

6. Engage a womens Emotions and Body…NOT HER MIND.


In reality women don’t know what they want and what really gets their panties soaking wet. All they know is when they meet a guy that makes it happen…It HAPPENS.

In a women’s logical mind, if someone asked her would she sleep with a guy only knowing him for a few hours…she would more than likely say no.

If this same girls meet a guy with all the qualities above, and he embraces her body, her emotions, escalates, touches her, and they are vibing…she is likely to go home with this guy. Regardless of what her logical mind says.

When dealing with women NEVER embrace their logical or mind.

If you ask women, they will tell you this will work, but trust me. It WILL NOT GET YOU LAID.

Don’t be afraid to touch a women, kiss her when you feel its time and her body is telling you, escalate, look her in the eyes, and ultimately pull her. DONT BE AFRAID TO ESCALATE.

Be Alpha.

Like I said, there are many ways of becoming more attractive to women.
But these are the main qualities of mine and elite players in the game.

How to have a KILLER Night Every Night – Having a blast every night you go out

How to have a KILLER Night Every Night – Having a blast every night you go out

Ever read a forum post or blog post of a guy complaining about “I sucked ass tonight...Couldn’t approach. So I just came home.”...Usually they will end their night in masturbation and porn.


Ever read one of those? If you haven’t and you’re new to the game, you’ll come across a post like this sooner or later. I call them Bitch Posts. This guys suck and wont get any better complaing..All they have to do is..TAKE ACTION.

Don’t let external factors determine whether you have a great night. Such as:

1. Getting blown out but you only made 3 approaches.
2. Standing around like a chode scared to let go. Totally “In your head”.
3. Getting massive Approach Anxiety.
4. Just plain out being a bitch.

In the end...All you have to do is TAKE ACTION. Just through yourself in sets.

So today I am going to discuss what I think are the top steps to going out and having a killer great night consistently.

Steps in Having a FUN / KILLER Night Every Night

Step 1 – WARM UP

Does Kobe Bryant or LeBron James come right out on a game night and just jump on the court and start playing?...NO. They warm up first.


They warm-up to get the kinks out.
To Get present and focused on their goals.
Get their shot going.
Get their muscles warmed-up.
And getting in touch with their deep core fundamentals so they are able to perform come game time.

Game and successfully picking up women consistently is identical to this.

Most newbies expect to come out and on their first approach get a make out or pull a girl. Well this isn’t how it works. Eventually you will be able to come out and get a make out during the first approach but it takes time to get to that level. Start small. And Even still, getting a makeout on your first approach is rare..So dont make intentions to do this.

When I go out, I ALWAYS pick a warm-up set. I go into this set with NO intensions. I just go in with something simple and basic… “Hey, what’s up?”...Thats it.

Then introduce myself to the girl(s), and then just chat them up for a minute or so…then GET OUT.

Note: If a warm-up set hooks, the girl doesnt want you to leave, and its on. STAY IN. Don't leave just because its the warm-up.

Yep. That’s it. Sometimes I will even think of the dumbest most amusing thing I can say and then say it. What this does is loosens you up. Gets you out of your logical mind (maybe from work, school or whatever you’ve been doing all day) and into your fun, adventurous, not giving a fuck side of yourself. And most of all...present.

I usually do about 2 to 3 warm-up sets before I start going for closes.
So remember…ALWAYS Warm up.

Day Game Warm-ups

In Day game it’s different. You don’t have time to go around and warm up while on your lunch break. In day game it’s okay to be logical and approach a girl. During the day the girl is usually working, shopping, or on her way somewhere and isn’t really looking for someone to give her a good time at this moment.

At night, women go out to have a great time, have fun, and to let go. If you come in logical of course she will blow you out, it’s going against what she wants or “think” she wants at this point in time. Get what I’m saying?
On to the next…


This is a big one. This is probably one of the biggest issues I see with most guys who go out at night. They are so worried about trying to portray an image (Like James Bond or some other “smooth” ladies man) that they take themselves too seriously and look pathetic in a night club / Dance environment.

They don’t dance, have a drink and lean against the bar, stand around all night, stare at girls, make a pathetic attempt to approach a girl who is dancing looking for fun, and gets blown out...goes home and complains about women being bitches.

Most guys try to be SMOOTH.

Cut this shit out. It’s a complete waste of time. Don’t try to be smooth. All you are doing is fucking yourself.

Have a blast. Have fun. Enjoy the night. Even if you can’t dance. Just dance and have fun. When people see you having a great time, they admire that. Even if you look dumb, they will support you.

So stop taking yourself to seriously. Laugh at yourself when you do something dumb. Don’t take interactions with girls seriously. Be spontaneous. Say something dumb. Be self-amused. Laugh. Approach. Give positive emotions. Match a girl’s vibe when you approach her.

Don’t take yourself seriously. Let go of that “mental image” of yourself....

You imagine yourself opening the girl...James Bond style....sweeping her off her feet, and taking her home…LET GO OF THIS.

Be present. Be in the moment. All there is, is now. Get into the “is-ness”.


This is key. I use to go out and just only look to approach 9s and 10s. Yeah, you can best believe I wasn’t getting laid.

One of the biggest steps to having a killer night EVERY NIGHT is to APPROACH ALL.

Girls who are a little over weight. Girls with a little acne.
I usually approach girls ranging from 7-10. I do have standards and tend to go no lower than a 7.

Just because you think you deserve a 10 does not mean you are getting one tonight buddy. Maybe in the future…

So approach all. Even if the girl isn’t that attractive or you don’t find her that attractive. Just approach. See what’s up. Besides there won’t be a tremendous amount of 9s and 10s out every night. Maybe 1 or 2.

You will see an abundance of girls who are 7-8 on any given night. These girls are great girls too. Sexy. Elegant. Horny. And ready to meet you. Do you have to marry them? Of course not.

So...Tonight…APPROACH ALL. This will lead to all sorts of adventures, crazy shit, and a great night.

Remember…to baby-step interactions.



Is getting wasted a bad thing sometimes when your with our friends? Nope.
Is getting wasted every time you go out bad? Yes.

1. When you are drunk or wasted you will probably have whiskey dick when pulling a girl.
2. Women will respect and appreciate you more by you being your total self while still being “That guy”
3. You won’t remember shit the next day. Not to mention you will probably feel horrible.
4. It’s bad for your health
5. It can become a crutch or liquid courage.
6. You probably won’t remember anything so you won’t have those references.

Am I saying don’t drink at all? NO. It’s okay to have a drink. Totally fine. But just limit yourself.

For me being under 21(20) I have had to force myself to let go and have fun without needing alcohol. Lots of times when I leave the club I am on a natural high, from letting go!

So I challenge you to cut back on the alcohol and force yourself to learn to let go and pimp it without liquid courage. Trust me, this will take your game to the next level. Especially learning to just…TURN IT ON automatically without needing anything external.

Relying on external things is the worst thing for any human. Remember this…

Step 5 – Stop Being Needy and Seeking Validation

Basically, stop letting whether you get laid, get a make out, or get some number closes determine the outcome of your night and how much fun you have.


In the end, all you can do is…DO YOUR PART. Which is GET IN THERE.

When approaching a girl, stop looking for her to give you a good time. Instead, you bring the good time to her. Pull her to the dance floor. Grind with her. Make jokes to her. Be flirty. Chatty. Witty. Do funny dances. Escalate. Kiss her. Makeout with her.

Don’t rely on a girl accepting you or any other things to have a good time.
Once you grasp this and use it, it is VERY effective. Women will love and beg to be around you.


Step 6 – Know You Are Enough…Come from a place of higher value

This is a big one too. This is a concept that is hammered by RSD Alex. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Know that no matter what a girl says, or does to you, in the end you know you are enough.
You are just a man. Nothing else matters. Don’t be reactive. If a girl tells you, you are ugly...Who cares? You are a man...don’t react to that.

If a girl tells you, you’re hot. Don’t react to it. You are enough. You are just a man.
Keep this attitude. It is a common attitude that most naturals have.

It will lead to having a great night and not letting external things determine your night.
If you were to ever game with me or go out with me you would quickly realize I just literally don’t give a fuck at all. This is because I know I am enough. I am a just a man.

In fact sometimes when I am in set, Ill just embrace “awkward” moments because I just don’t care. I am enough.

Now, do I go around like some knot on a log? NO

I still escalate, open with a strong frame, pull the girl in, and be chatty and witty and fun.
But I am non-reactive and literally don’t care if the girl walks away at any moment. I am enough.

Another thing I do is, I ALWAYS seek to self-amuse myself in interactions. If you notice things getting boring or you “run out of things to say”, remember…Self amused.

Welp, those are my top steps that allow me to have a great night every time I’m out.
For a deeper discussion on this topic. Check out Tyler’s video on this. Great stuff.

Check it out.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Be Persistent - Stop Making Excuses For Not Taking Action


So today I've had a chance to do some reflecting and self actualization.

I've enjoyed my journey in the game thus far and it has presented amazing, and wonderful opportunities for me.

But i must say, in order to be successful or to be a successful "player" you MUST be persistent.

If not you will get spit out faster than you got in. Trust me. This game isn't for little pussies. Its people who step the fuck up and take action mofo.

You know, life really takes you on a roller coaster. Sometimes it seems like things aren't going the way they should, or going as planned.

For example, i work as a intern. Unfortunately this summer the agency i am working for isn't hiring any full-time PAID interns. I am lucky enough to keep my internship for the summer, but for some reason my boss isn't going to allow me to work full-time this summer..I'm not sure the reason why yet, but i will find out tomorrow. It maybe issues of the budgets..Not really sure.

 On top of that i don't have any parent support for food, clothes, gas, car insurance, or even paying for school. In fact i'm not even sure how i will get into school next year since i wont have a co-signer for student loans. I drive a piece of shit car around(Which i bought and paid for myself). While it is a real clunker i am grateful for having something to drive at least.

One of my parents will be in jail for the next 10 years of my life for some dumb shit. That parent also left me with over $2,000 worth of credit card debt to pay back..

My other parent makes just about the same amount of money i make as a intern and struggles to make ends meet with my other 3 younger siblings. So yeah, there is nothing for me.

The struggle...So basically all i have is myself.
Its either drown or swim..

On top of that i just found out i was not accepted to the George Washington University where i wanted to attend. So now i am waiting on University of Maryland, hopefully i get accepted there and can make things happen...We will see. If i don't get accepted there its back to ground zero..

The struggle...

And yes, it is a real struggle. I'll be honest, its not exactly fun not knowing how you will finish school, how you will make ends meet, have clothes or shoes..not knowing if you will have a job after the summer and still have bills such as cell phone, insurance, credit card debt etc.

On a side note, i have managed to start my own Mobile Application Development company. We have about 3 games published right now. None of which generate a significant amount of revenue due to lack of exposure and of quality. The more games and apps we build the better and better they get and the more revenue we see. How did i learn to code?....READING BOOKS. Starting my senior year in high school.

Am i complaining about my life?

Fuck no..

I am making a point though..Among all the shit going on in my life..I still make it a priority to pimp it. While i may not be completely comfortable where i am right now, i can still go out and land hotties.

Like tyler says in one of his videos, no matter what happens you can always go out and pimp it.

Even among everything, i am still persistent, i still get out there and take action. Even when i don't know how i will put gas in my car..Some times i don't even have money for lunch, yet i still pimp it and land hotties.

Whats my point?

NEVER make EXCUSES for WHY you CANT TAKE ACTION....unless your on your death bed or hospitalized.

Monday, June 3, 2013

7 Easy Steps To Gettting A Girls Number + In-Field Recordings From Day Game


Just wrote my first article for RSD Nation. Only have 3 more left before i become a "official" RSD intern.

Check it out! It includes some pretty good in-field recording of me doing a two set.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day Game Report - March 24th 2013(Instadate)

Day Game Report - March 24th 2013

Get up with my wing. We head to the local indoor mall. Love this place. Fucking huge, tons of hotties. Great place for day game.

We enter the mall without question i go in for my first set. I usually like to keep it simple during my first interaction just to get myself going.

I also noticed that really having my voice tone grounded and centered helped. The girl can feel my presence and grounded state/frame just from the voice being solid, centered, and grounded.

Made a Vblog on that:


Open first set. Girl working in a mattress store.

Me: "Well Hello there..

Her: "Hi. Can i help you?"

Me: "Actually, yes. I'm not interested in buying a mattress or quilt. I have a little twin size bed big enough for two already. (girl laughs).

Me: "Tell me your name"

Her: " _____. Whats yours?"

We chatted for about 2 more minutes then i rolled out. No intentions just to open that first set. I usually use girls working in stores for my "warm up" sets during day game.

On to the next set:

Walk past a girl. Caught eye contact. Spin around. In.

Me: "Hello, Just thought you were completely adorable...Had to introduce myself. I'm ____."

She is all smiles. Solid eye contact.

Her: "Im _________. Nice to meet you."

Me: ________ (Said her name), How old are you?"

Her: "ha. How old do i look?"

Me: "Hm..I was thinking 22."

Her: "haha..Im 17..

I turn to run away.(Jokingly, im only 20 so not to bad)

She yells after me.

Her: "I'll be 18  in july! So its not that bad"

Me: "But..your still in High school. haha. How was prom? Did you keep your panties on?"

Her: "Haha. Foreward arent we..Well lets just say i enjoyed myself. It was great though. I just graduated. Headed to college in utah."

Me: "Great to hear. Thats what its about..Enjoying yourself. You missed out on being my prom date." (In for the hug). She complies.

We are walking togehter and then i feel we need to stop as i dont want to walk to far. So i just stop and she stops as well. Chat for a little while longer. Tell her to give me her number. She gives me her phone. Put my number in. Call myself. "Text me later ______. Your awesome." were her last words.


Walking with my wing..Spot a oriental chick in the open area of the mall. Love hot Asian women. ;-)  People sitting around with their kids etc. No thoughts, no making up things to say...I just GO IN(As usual).

Me: "Well Hello There.."

She is kinda hesitant at first. Stronger frame always win. I stick in stick out my hand of god. She shakes it. Im in.

Her: " Hi..." (Timidely)

Me: "I'm _______. Had to meet you. Noticed you on my way up the escalator. Came all the way back down to introduce us to each other. You should definitely feel special."

Her: "haha. i do. Thats really charasmatic of you"

Me: "So who are you...Whats your name?"

Her: "______. Nice to meet you."

Me:  "So what you up to?"

Her:  "Just got off work. I'm headed home right now." (I knew this was a instadate. No where to go but home. The fun is with me.)

Me: "Let me guess...You work at Borders."

Her: "Haha. Borders? Why borders?"

Me:  "Dont know..You just seem like one of those girls that like to cuddle up on the couch with a blanket, starbucks, and a great book."

Her: "Wow! You are right about that. But no dont work at borders. I love to read though."

As you see, how i went from the conversation going no where...After she nice to meet you, I always find it best to just ask "So whats up?" or "So what are you up to right now?" Just to get a context of what she is doing, is she in a hurry etc. and then go from there. Asking this allows you to take the conversation any where. You can ask a qualifying question, or make a statement depending on what she says. As you can see above.

We chat about school, college, what we do for fun. Fifty shades of grey. Then i go for the instadate..

Me: "So your headd home right?"

Her: "Yeah."

Me: "Lets grab some starbucks really quick.. We can talk along the way."

She is hesitant at first..probably cant believe she is about to go on a date with a guy she just met. How cool..

Making solid eye contact, give her a light smile, and begin to walk. She comes along.

We grab some starbucks. I was actually fucking broke. Couldnt even buy a coffee. ha. So i just got some water. Held her hand along the way. Hugged her. Really made a solid romantic connect. Told her starbucks has the best water. Their water is way better than their coffee.

We grab out coffee. Walk to where her car is parked. Grab her number. Hugged. Kiss on the cheek. Forhead. Probably could have went for the makeout. But i felt i will be seeing this girl again..No rush.

Had a few more sets after this. Including a super hot milf with looked like her daughter, and a friend. She hugged me like she wanted to rip me to pieces. Mostly all solid hug/number closes. Not really worried about flakey numbers. As long as i do my part, thats all i can do.

Goals Achieved:

Approached ALL.

Got 1 instadate.(Aimed for 2)

Romantic connect along with solid number closes.

Definitely enjoyed the process of just opening.

Voice/tone was grounded, centered.

Escalated with hugs, handshakes, kisses on the cheeks.



Monday, May 27, 2013

Day Game Report March 26th 2013 / Absorbing the "blowout" and "rejection"


Day Game Report:  March 26th 2013

Instadates, solid sets, makeouts, escalation, romantic connections, topic of learning to absorb the "blowout" and "rejections"

Got up with my wing this afternoon. We hit up a popular spot for day game. Has a water front part, shopping center, movies theater, and a few starbucks and restaurants around for instadates.

So we arrive. I like to take action AS SOON AS I get to the venue, no wasting time talking or fluffing. I push my wing to get into a few sets and soon as we park and hit the main area. We open a two set for just a “warm up” set. We open, ask a question, transition a little, the eject. No intentions.

1st Instadate:

We are walking down the street, we spot a solid 8.5 coming out of a store. I tell my wing to go in, he doesnt want to..Try to push him again. No go. So I turn and my wing starts to literally push me, although i was going anyway. We were just joking around. Haha. Enjoying the process.

And I walk behind her a little, walk a few feet to wait till we got out of a crowded section..Then in.

My voice was completly center, grounded. Body language was totally open, care free and just ultimately enjoying the process of taking ACTION.

Me: “Hello, Excuse me..” (Loudly. I always open loud enough so everyone in the diameter of me and the girl can here me. I found it that when you are loud and the girl knows others can hear you..she is more compelled to stop..Pretty interesting. I'm sure it has some type of psychological explanation)

Her: (turns around, smile) “Hi!”

Me: (light smile) “Just walked past you a few minutes ago. Just thought you were really cute and had to come meet you.”

Her:(all smiles at this point) “Really? I'm ______. Whats your name?”

Me: “ _________” (Shakes hand)

Her: “Nice to meet you ______”

Me: “So what you up to today?” (Getting the logistics to set up the instadate)

Her: “Nothing much. Just doing some shopping. I'm headed home now. What about you?”

Me: “Did you buy me anything?”

Her: “Yeah, I bought you some shoes.h haha. They are heels.”

Me: “Oh yeah? I love those(straight face). I can wear those with my new club dress..”

Her: “haha! Really? Youll get the fake hair going to?”

Me: “Yep. Something like that. Ill be a stunner.”

Her: “hahaha. I'm sure you would be.”

Time to go for the instadate.

Me: “You wanna grab a drink or something? We can go to Starbucks and grab a frappachino or some tea.” (Since I knew she was just shopping, a lot of time on her hands, and headed home soon didnt bother asking if she had time)

Her: (Smile) “Sure!”

Me: “Cool.” (Begin to walk, she walks with me) . We will go to the one on the waterfront. I like that one better.”

I want go into detail about our conversation during the instadate. But I love it when people stare. Ha. They see some guy who just met a hottie literally 3 minutes ago and already hangin out with her. Fuckin pimp shit.

We get to starbucks. Get our drinks. We set and start to talk and I form a romantic connection with her by getting to know her likes, talking about romantic things I like she likes. Held her hand. And got a kiss/small makeout. While we were talking. We talk about kissing. I ask is she a good kisser. She says yes I think I am ateast.. Me..Lets find out. In for the kiss. She let me but kinda freaked afterwards. Said she never kissed a guy before she just met. Especially during the day. But she loves it. Playing with her hair, blushing, while I look into her eyes and just chilling like its just another day for me.

So we finish out drinks, role out and I tell her we are talking a walk to the water. We get to the water. We make jokes and play the middle school “guessing game” haha.

Get her to a romantic spot. Tell her if she guess my middle name right she gets the most amazing hug ever. She doesnt get it right but does after some hints. Still give her a hug, but a shitty one. Push her away. She laughs then pull her back in for a bigger hug and I said... “Oh, one more thing...” Makeout/kiss for about 6 seconds.

I tell her she isn't a bad kisser after all. She laughs and says she cant believes shes doing this.

Anyway, we wrap it up because I actually want to get into more sets. ha. So I walk her to her bus stop. I make a romantic poem for her..

“Violets are red...Your bus is coming...I really like humming..and I hope you like coming” haha.

Her mouth drops and she cracks up.

Kiss good bye. Put her number in my phone call her she saves me. Im out.

I will say this. I think since i am just getting "use to" getting instadates i can notice myself trying to hard at times...Trying to not make it awkward when awkward is actually a good thing sometimes i think on dates. Instead i should just be absorbing any awkward moments and instead of trying to make it less awkward, be in the awkwardness. haha.  Also i find myself trying to hard to make the girl comfortable...I can see myself giving off a try hard vibe at some points during this instadate that could ultimately turn the girl off or place me in the friend zone. I also notice myself not creating that masculine to feminine polarity too like i should. Even though i got the makeout etc i could see myself being friend zoned or eliminated if i keep those behaviors up long enough. Luckily it seems i didnt, but i want to cut these behaviors out all together. But aye, you learn from every experience..references are fucking key.

Didn't get to get up with my wing yet.

Open a 3 set. SUPER hotties. 2 of them were solid 10s but I new which one I wanted.

II catch up to them and go in..

Me: “Hello there...Hows it going?” (Strong, authoritiv voice.)

They all respond.

One of the girls ask me was I a police:

Me: “Yes..I came to let you know you are smoking in a non-smoke area.”

They all laugh.

Me: “I'll need to see your license..”

The girl I wanted was talking on the phone, she told me that what I said was lame. Haha. A little shit test.

I ignore her and continue talking to the other two friends.

Some how we got on the topic of me being black and having a big cock.

I was just vibing with them..

Girl I wants gets off the phone and comes back in..

and asks me my name.

Me: “I'm _____. Who are you?”

Her: “Im _____. Do you always approach girls like this?”

Me: “Depends...I have high standards and im only attracted to certain things I want. Not anything with a vagina...I really thought you were a cutie. Had to come over and talk.”

Her: “Really?”(Smiling and awing)

Me: “Yeah...Really..”

In for the hug. Could have made out with her. After we hugged her lips stayed near my face for a moment. I loafed though..fuck.

We vibe some more and she tells me they are going some where and need to catch a cab, I try to get her on a instadate. No go. Walked them to their cab, hug her, get the number and roll out. People driving by on the highway were just staring, ha. I love putting on a show. ;-)


Had a blowout after that. Opened a two set talked for about 30 seconds.. “Have a nice day!” They roll out. I laugh.

If a girl completly blows you off like just keeps walking while trying to shake her hand or complete ignores you..Its funny because I find it best to ABSORB the BLOWOUT. Like I literally stand their after the blowout...look around at people who seen it(if any)...look at them...look around..shrug my shoulders and walk away. Even if my hand is out and they dont shake it but walk away, i just leave my handout..look around..laugh to myself..absorb it..look at people who seen it(if any) laugh to myself, shrug it off and walk away...Totally self amused. When you do this you will actually find it VERY funny and amusing.

I found that this actually makes you more comfortable about having thoughts of being blown out..you know that the worst that will happen is you will just stand there and absorb the blowout..No one says anything to you..no one really cares honestly. In fact most people admire that shit because they cant do it. It also helps rid your ego, and being scared of "embarrassment".


I open a next set three girls setting in the grassy area..Brazilian girls..I just walk up..make sure they see me..and I have a seat..Instead of trying to make it less awkward by talking I just sat down...and said nothing..just looked at them..

After like 10 seconds of the “awkwardness” they all bust out laughing..im in. I let them know “just joking. Hi, hows it going”. Let them know why I cam over. They all looked cool. I actually told the girl who I didnt want that she was a cuties and ignored the one I wanted...Chatted for about 10 minutes joke around a bit...i eat one of their wafer snacks. Told them thats the only reason I came to talk.

Joke around a bit. Set up a day 2 with my other friends I want them to meet. Get the girl I wanted number. I roll out. I think they seen me opening a few more sets in that area...Didnt really care though. ha.

My wing met this girl who he could have easily escalated and probably made out with..So when I met up with him he had her with him they were walking together. I play with her and start to escalate playing to throw her in the water..I play take my shirt off and mess with her..I stop though because this was my wings girl..I was just trying to show him that he could do it..No go. She rolls out to go to work.

Anyway. I had a few more sets after that. Including one set with a MILF from Memphis. She is literally going crazy over me..Gives me the most wettest kiss on the check ive ever gotten before I leave. She wants me to come to memphis to see her...an hour later, she texts me.

Anyway I know this was a long post. I just like to write in detail.


The thing is, ive learned not to worry about getting flakey numbers...just do what you have to do! Do your part and everything will fall in place. You cant control the test. But make sure you know what your part is, and execute.

Had a few more sets between these but this post will be literally 5 pages if I write about those.

Goals Completed:

1. Got a daygame makeout/kiss
2. Got 1 instadate.(aimed for two)
4. Non-reaction seeking.
5. Free of outcome.
6. Enjoyed the process of opening. Not trying to get the fruit before I planted the seed and tended the garden.
7. No neediness or desperateness.
8. Learning to absorb and embrace what most call “awkwardness” and “embarrassment”. This shit REALLY helps. Try it.
9. No prethinking
10. opened all 2 and three sets.
11. Voice centered and grounded in all interactions.
12. Escalated with hugs, kisses, handshakes, etc.
13. Made romantic connections
14. Opened sets that would seem impossible to your average chode/guy.


Mainly things on instadates:

1. Trying to make it work so bad on instadates instead of letting it flow.
2. Showing signs of neediness on instadates, and insecurity.
3. Not creating enough masuline to feminine energy/polarity.
4. Just need to cut out TRYING too fucking hard. It gets you excited though... i remember over a year ago i considered myself "lucky" to get a date....PERIOD...Now i can get dates within three minutes of meeting a girl...Some cool shit.
5. i think i can escalate better on instadates too.