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Day Game Report March 26th 2013 / Absorbing the "blowout" and "rejection"


Day Game Report:  March 26th 2013

Instadates, solid sets, makeouts, escalation, romantic connections, topic of learning to absorb the "blowout" and "rejections"

Got up with my wing this afternoon. We hit up a popular spot for day game. Has a water front part, shopping center, movies theater, and a few starbucks and restaurants around for instadates.

So we arrive. I like to take action AS SOON AS I get to the venue, no wasting time talking or fluffing. I push my wing to get into a few sets and soon as we park and hit the main area. We open a two set for just a “warm up” set. We open, ask a question, transition a little, the eject. No intentions.

1st Instadate:

We are walking down the street, we spot a solid 8.5 coming out of a store. I tell my wing to go in, he doesnt want to..Try to push him again. No go. So I turn and my wing starts to literally push me, although i was going anyway. We were just joking around. Haha. Enjoying the process.

And I walk behind her a little, walk a few feet to wait till we got out of a crowded section..Then in.

My voice was completly center, grounded. Body language was totally open, care free and just ultimately enjoying the process of taking ACTION.

Me: “Hello, Excuse me..” (Loudly. I always open loud enough so everyone in the diameter of me and the girl can here me. I found it that when you are loud and the girl knows others can hear you..she is more compelled to stop..Pretty interesting. I'm sure it has some type of psychological explanation)

Her: (turns around, smile) “Hi!”

Me: (light smile) “Just walked past you a few minutes ago. Just thought you were really cute and had to come meet you.”

Her:(all smiles at this point) “Really? I'm ______. Whats your name?”

Me: “ _________” (Shakes hand)

Her: “Nice to meet you ______”

Me: “So what you up to today?” (Getting the logistics to set up the instadate)

Her: “Nothing much. Just doing some shopping. I'm headed home now. What about you?”

Me: “Did you buy me anything?”

Her: “Yeah, I bought you some shoes.h haha. They are heels.”

Me: “Oh yeah? I love those(straight face). I can wear those with my new club dress..”

Her: “haha! Really? Youll get the fake hair going to?”

Me: “Yep. Something like that. Ill be a stunner.”

Her: “hahaha. I'm sure you would be.”

Time to go for the instadate.

Me: “You wanna grab a drink or something? We can go to Starbucks and grab a frappachino or some tea.” (Since I knew she was just shopping, a lot of time on her hands, and headed home soon didnt bother asking if she had time)

Her: (Smile) “Sure!”

Me: “Cool.” (Begin to walk, she walks with me) . We will go to the one on the waterfront. I like that one better.”

I want go into detail about our conversation during the instadate. But I love it when people stare. Ha. They see some guy who just met a hottie literally 3 minutes ago and already hangin out with her. Fuckin pimp shit.

We get to starbucks. Get our drinks. We set and start to talk and I form a romantic connection with her by getting to know her likes, talking about romantic things I like she likes. Held her hand. And got a kiss/small makeout. While we were talking. We talk about kissing. I ask is she a good kisser. She says yes I think I am ateast.. Me..Lets find out. In for the kiss. She let me but kinda freaked afterwards. Said she never kissed a guy before she just met. Especially during the day. But she loves it. Playing with her hair, blushing, while I look into her eyes and just chilling like its just another day for me.

So we finish out drinks, role out and I tell her we are talking a walk to the water. We get to the water. We make jokes and play the middle school “guessing game” haha.

Get her to a romantic spot. Tell her if she guess my middle name right she gets the most amazing hug ever. She doesnt get it right but does after some hints. Still give her a hug, but a shitty one. Push her away. She laughs then pull her back in for a bigger hug and I said... “Oh, one more thing...” Makeout/kiss for about 6 seconds.

I tell her she isn't a bad kisser after all. She laughs and says she cant believes shes doing this.

Anyway, we wrap it up because I actually want to get into more sets. ha. So I walk her to her bus stop. I make a romantic poem for her..

“Violets are red...Your bus is coming...I really like humming..and I hope you like coming” haha.

Her mouth drops and she cracks up.

Kiss good bye. Put her number in my phone call her she saves me. Im out.

I will say this. I think since i am just getting "use to" getting instadates i can notice myself trying to hard at times...Trying to not make it awkward when awkward is actually a good thing sometimes i think on dates. Instead i should just be absorbing any awkward moments and instead of trying to make it less awkward, be in the awkwardness. haha.  Also i find myself trying to hard to make the girl comfortable...I can see myself giving off a try hard vibe at some points during this instadate that could ultimately turn the girl off or place me in the friend zone. I also notice myself not creating that masculine to feminine polarity too like i should. Even though i got the makeout etc i could see myself being friend zoned or eliminated if i keep those behaviors up long enough. Luckily it seems i didnt, but i want to cut these behaviors out all together. But aye, you learn from every experience..references are fucking key.

Didn't get to get up with my wing yet.

Open a 3 set. SUPER hotties. 2 of them were solid 10s but I new which one I wanted.

II catch up to them and go in..

Me: “Hello there...Hows it going?” (Strong, authoritiv voice.)

They all respond.

One of the girls ask me was I a police:

Me: “Yes..I came to let you know you are smoking in a non-smoke area.”

They all laugh.

Me: “I'll need to see your license..”

The girl I wanted was talking on the phone, she told me that what I said was lame. Haha. A little shit test.

I ignore her and continue talking to the other two friends.

Some how we got on the topic of me being black and having a big cock.

I was just vibing with them..

Girl I wants gets off the phone and comes back in..

and asks me my name.

Me: “I'm _____. Who are you?”

Her: “Im _____. Do you always approach girls like this?”

Me: “Depends...I have high standards and im only attracted to certain things I want. Not anything with a vagina...I really thought you were a cutie. Had to come over and talk.”

Her: “Really?”(Smiling and awing)

Me: “Yeah...Really..”

In for the hug. Could have made out with her. After we hugged her lips stayed near my face for a moment. I loafed though..fuck.

We vibe some more and she tells me they are going some where and need to catch a cab, I try to get her on a instadate. No go. Walked them to their cab, hug her, get the number and roll out. People driving by on the highway were just staring, ha. I love putting on a show. ;-)


Had a blowout after that. Opened a two set talked for about 30 seconds.. “Have a nice day!” They roll out. I laugh.

If a girl completly blows you off like just keeps walking while trying to shake her hand or complete ignores you..Its funny because I find it best to ABSORB the BLOWOUT. Like I literally stand their after the blowout...look around at people who seen it(if any)...look at them...look around..shrug my shoulders and walk away. Even if my hand is out and they dont shake it but walk away, i just leave my handout..look around..laugh to myself..absorb it..look at people who seen it(if any) laugh to myself, shrug it off and walk away...Totally self amused. When you do this you will actually find it VERY funny and amusing.

I found that this actually makes you more comfortable about having thoughts of being blown know that the worst that will happen is you will just stand there and absorb the blowout..No one says anything to one really cares honestly. In fact most people admire that shit because they cant do it. It also helps rid your ego, and being scared of "embarrassment".


I open a next set three girls setting in the grassy area..Brazilian girls..I just walk up..make sure they see me..and I have a seat..Instead of trying to make it less awkward by talking I just sat down...and said nothing..just looked at them..

After like 10 seconds of the “awkwardness” they all bust out in. I let them know “just joking. Hi, hows it going”. Let them know why I cam over. They all looked cool. I actually told the girl who I didnt want that she was a cuties and ignored the one I wanted...Chatted for about 10 minutes joke around a bit...i eat one of their wafer snacks. Told them thats the only reason I came to talk.

Joke around a bit. Set up a day 2 with my other friends I want them to meet. Get the girl I wanted number. I roll out. I think they seen me opening a few more sets in that area...Didnt really care though. ha.

My wing met this girl who he could have easily escalated and probably made out with..So when I met up with him he had her with him they were walking together. I play with her and start to escalate playing to throw her in the water..I play take my shirt off and mess with her..I stop though because this was my wings girl..I was just trying to show him that he could do it..No go. She rolls out to go to work.

Anyway. I had a few more sets after that. Including one set with a MILF from Memphis. She is literally going crazy over me..Gives me the most wettest kiss on the check ive ever gotten before I leave. She wants me to come to memphis to see hour later, she texts me.

Anyway I know this was a long post. I just like to write in detail.


The thing is, ive learned not to worry about getting flakey numbers...just do what you have to do! Do your part and everything will fall in place. You cant control the test. But make sure you know what your part is, and execute.

Had a few more sets between these but this post will be literally 5 pages if I write about those.

Goals Completed:

1. Got a daygame makeout/kiss
2. Got 1 instadate.(aimed for two)
4. Non-reaction seeking.
5. Free of outcome.
6. Enjoyed the process of opening. Not trying to get the fruit before I planted the seed and tended the garden.
7. No neediness or desperateness.
8. Learning to absorb and embrace what most call “awkwardness” and “embarrassment”. This shit REALLY helps. Try it.
9. No prethinking
10. opened all 2 and three sets.
11. Voice centered and grounded in all interactions.
12. Escalated with hugs, kisses, handshakes, etc.
13. Made romantic connections
14. Opened sets that would seem impossible to your average chode/guy.


Mainly things on instadates:

1. Trying to make it work so bad on instadates instead of letting it flow.
2. Showing signs of neediness on instadates, and insecurity.
3. Not creating enough masuline to feminine energy/polarity.
4. Just need to cut out TRYING too fucking hard. It gets you excited though... i remember over a year ago i considered myself "lucky" to get a date....PERIOD...Now i can get dates within three minutes of meeting a girl...Some cool shit.
5. i think i can escalate better on instadates too.



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