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Day Game Report - March 24th 2013(Instadate)

Day Game Report - March 24th 2013

Get up with my wing. We head to the local indoor mall. Love this place. Fucking huge, tons of hotties. Great place for day game.

We enter the mall without question i go in for my first set. I usually like to keep it simple during my first interaction just to get myself going.

I also noticed that really having my voice tone grounded and centered helped. The girl can feel my presence and grounded state/frame just from the voice being solid, centered, and grounded.

Made a Vblog on that:


Open first set. Girl working in a mattress store.

Me: "Well Hello there..

Her: "Hi. Can i help you?"

Me: "Actually, yes. I'm not interested in buying a mattress or quilt. I have a little twin size bed big enough for two already. (girl laughs).

Me: "Tell me your name"

Her: " _____. Whats yours?"

We chatted for about 2 more minutes then i rolled out. No intentions just to open that first set. I usually use girls working in stores for my "warm up" sets during day game.

On to the next set:

Walk past a girl. Caught eye contact. Spin around. In.

Me: "Hello, Just thought you were completely adorable...Had to introduce myself. I'm ____."

She is all smiles. Solid eye contact.

Her: "Im _________. Nice to meet you."

Me: ________ (Said her name), How old are you?"

Her: "ha. How old do i look?"

Me: "Hm..I was thinking 22."

Her: "haha..Im 17..

I turn to run away.(Jokingly, im only 20 so not to bad)

She yells after me.

Her: "I'll be 18  in july! So its not that bad"

Me: "But..your still in High school. haha. How was prom? Did you keep your panties on?"

Her: "Haha. Foreward arent we..Well lets just say i enjoyed myself. It was great though. I just graduated. Headed to college in utah."

Me: "Great to hear. Thats what its about..Enjoying yourself. You missed out on being my prom date." (In for the hug). She complies.

We are walking togehter and then i feel we need to stop as i dont want to walk to far. So i just stop and she stops as well. Chat for a little while longer. Tell her to give me her number. She gives me her phone. Put my number in. Call myself. "Text me later ______. Your awesome." were her last words.


Walking with my wing..Spot a oriental chick in the open area of the mall. Love hot Asian women. ;-)  People sitting around with their kids etc. No thoughts, no making up things to say...I just GO IN(As usual).

Me: "Well Hello There.."

She is kinda hesitant at first. Stronger frame always win. I stick in stick out my hand of god. She shakes it. Im in.

Her: " Hi..." (Timidely)

Me: "I'm _______. Had to meet you. Noticed you on my way up the escalator. Came all the way back down to introduce us to each other. You should definitely feel special."

Her: "haha. i do. Thats really charasmatic of you"

Me: "So who are you...Whats your name?"

Her: "______. Nice to meet you."

Me:  "So what you up to?"

Her:  "Just got off work. I'm headed home right now." (I knew this was a instadate. No where to go but home. The fun is with me.)

Me: "Let me guess...You work at Borders."

Her: "Haha. Borders? Why borders?"

Me:  "Dont know..You just seem like one of those girls that like to cuddle up on the couch with a blanket, starbucks, and a great book."

Her: "Wow! You are right about that. But no dont work at borders. I love to read though."

As you see, how i went from the conversation going no where...After she nice to meet you, I always find it best to just ask "So whats up?" or "So what are you up to right now?" Just to get a context of what she is doing, is she in a hurry etc. and then go from there. Asking this allows you to take the conversation any where. You can ask a qualifying question, or make a statement depending on what she says. As you can see above.

We chat about school, college, what we do for fun. Fifty shades of grey. Then i go for the instadate..

Me: "So your headd home right?"

Her: "Yeah."

Me: "Lets grab some starbucks really quick.. We can talk along the way."

She is hesitant at first..probably cant believe she is about to go on a date with a guy she just met. How cool..

Making solid eye contact, give her a light smile, and begin to walk. She comes along.

We grab some starbucks. I was actually fucking broke. Couldnt even buy a coffee. ha. So i just got some water. Held her hand along the way. Hugged her. Really made a solid romantic connect. Told her starbucks has the best water. Their water is way better than their coffee.

We grab out coffee. Walk to where her car is parked. Grab her number. Hugged. Kiss on the cheek. Forhead. Probably could have went for the makeout. But i felt i will be seeing this girl again..No rush.

Had a few more sets after this. Including a super hot milf with looked like her daughter, and a friend. She hugged me like she wanted to rip me to pieces. Mostly all solid hug/number closes. Not really worried about flakey numbers. As long as i do my part, thats all i can do.

Goals Achieved:

Approached ALL.

Got 1 instadate.(Aimed for 2)

Romantic connect along with solid number closes.

Definitely enjoyed the process of just opening.

Voice/tone was grounded, centered.

Escalated with hugs, handshakes, kisses on the cheeks.



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