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Day Game Report - March 24th 2013(Instadate)

Day Game Report - March 24th 2013

Get up with my wing. We head to the local indoor mall. Love this place. Fucking huge, tons of hotties. Great place for day game.

We enter the mall without question i go in for my first set. I usually like to keep it simple during my first interaction just to get myself going.

I also noticed that really having my voice tone grounded and centered helped. The girl can feel my presence and grounded state/frame just from the voice being solid, centered, and grounded.

Made a Vblog on that:


Open first set. Girl working in a mattress store.

Me: "Well Hello there..

Her: "Hi. Can i help you?"

Me: "Actually, yes. I'm not interested in buying a mattress or quilt. I have a little twin size bed big enough for two already. (girl laughs).

Me: "Tell me your name"

Her: " _____. Whats yours?"

We chatted for about 2 more minutes then i rolled out. No intentions just to open that first set. I usually use girls working in stores for my "warm up" sets during day game.

On to the next set:

Walk past a girl. Caught eye contact. Spin around. In.

Me: "Hello, Just thought you were completely adorable...Had to introduce myself. I'm ____."

She is all smiles. Solid eye contact.

Her: "Im _________. Nice to meet you."

Me: ________ (Said her name), How old are you?"

Her: "ha. How old do i look?"

Me: "Hm..I was thinking 22."

Her: "haha..Im 17..

I turn to run away.(Jokingly, im only 20 so not to bad)

She yells after me.

Her: "I'll be 18  in july! So its not that bad"

Me: "But..your still in High school. haha. How was prom? Did you keep your panties on?"

Her: "Haha. Foreward arent we..Well lets just say i enjoyed myself. It was great though. I just graduated. Headed to college in utah."

Me: "Great to hear. Thats what its about..Enjoying yourself. You missed out on being my prom date." (In for the hug). She complies.

We are walking togehter and then i feel we need to stop as i dont want to walk to far. So i just stop and she stops as well. Chat for a little while longer. Tell her to give me her number. She gives me her phone. Put my number in. Call myself. "Text me later ______. Your awesome." were her last words.


Walking with my wing..Spot a oriental chick in the open area of the mall. Love hot Asian women. ;-)  People sitting around with their kids etc. No thoughts, no making up things to say...I just GO IN(As usual).

Me: "Well Hello There.."

She is kinda hesitant at first. Stronger frame always win. I stick in stick out my hand of god. She shakes it. Im in.

Her: " Hi..." (Timidely)

Me: "I'm _______. Had to meet you. Noticed you on my way up the escalator. Came all the way back down to introduce us to each other. You should definitely feel special."

Her: "haha. i do. Thats really charasmatic of you"

Me: "So who are you...Whats your name?"

Her: "______. Nice to meet you."

Me:  "So what you up to?"

Her:  "Just got off work. I'm headed home right now." (I knew this was a instadate. No where to go but home. The fun is with me.)

Me: "Let me guess...You work at Borders."

Her: "Haha. Borders? Why borders?"

Me:  "Dont know..You just seem like one of those girls that like to cuddle up on the couch with a blanket, starbucks, and a great book."

Her: "Wow! You are right about that. But no dont work at borders. I love to read though."

As you see, how i went from the conversation going no where...After she nice to meet you, I always find it best to just ask "So whats up?" or "So what are you up to right now?" Just to get a context of what she is doing, is she in a hurry etc. and then go from there. Asking this allows you to take the conversation any where. You can ask a qualifying question, or make a statement depending on what she says. As you can see above.

We chat about school, college, what we do for fun. Fifty shades of grey. Then i go for the instadate..

Me: "So your headd home right?"

Her: "Yeah."

Me: "Lets grab some starbucks really quick.. We can talk along the way."

She is hesitant at first..probably cant believe she is about to go on a date with a guy she just met. How cool..

Making solid eye contact, give her a light smile, and begin to walk. She comes along.

We grab some starbucks. I was actually fucking broke. Couldnt even buy a coffee. ha. So i just got some water. Held her hand along the way. Hugged her. Really made a solid romantic connect. Told her starbucks has the best water. Their water is way better than their coffee.

We grab out coffee. Walk to where her car is parked. Grab her number. Hugged. Kiss on the cheek. Forhead. Probably could have went for the makeout. But i felt i will be seeing this girl again..No rush.

Had a few more sets after this. Including a super hot milf with looked like her daughter, and a friend. She hugged me like she wanted to rip me to pieces. Mostly all solid hug/number closes. Not really worried about flakey numbers. As long as i do my part, thats all i can do.

Goals Achieved:

Approached ALL.

Got 1 instadate.(Aimed for 2)

Romantic connect along with solid number closes.

Definitely enjoyed the process of just opening.

Voice/tone was grounded, centered.

Escalated with hugs, handshakes, kisses on the cheeks.



Monday, May 27, 2013

Day Game Report March 26th 2013 / Absorbing the "blowout" and "rejection"


Day Game Report:  March 26th 2013

Instadates, solid sets, makeouts, escalation, romantic connections, topic of learning to absorb the "blowout" and "rejections"

Got up with my wing this afternoon. We hit up a popular spot for day game. Has a water front part, shopping center, movies theater, and a few starbucks and restaurants around for instadates.

So we arrive. I like to take action AS SOON AS I get to the venue, no wasting time talking or fluffing. I push my wing to get into a few sets and soon as we park and hit the main area. We open a two set for just a “warm up” set. We open, ask a question, transition a little, the eject. No intentions.

1st Instadate:

We are walking down the street, we spot a solid 8.5 coming out of a store. I tell my wing to go in, he doesnt want to..Try to push him again. No go. So I turn and my wing starts to literally push me, although i was going anyway. We were just joking around. Haha. Enjoying the process.

And I walk behind her a little, walk a few feet to wait till we got out of a crowded section..Then in.

My voice was completly center, grounded. Body language was totally open, care free and just ultimately enjoying the process of taking ACTION.

Me: “Hello, Excuse me..” (Loudly. I always open loud enough so everyone in the diameter of me and the girl can here me. I found it that when you are loud and the girl knows others can hear you..she is more compelled to stop..Pretty interesting. I'm sure it has some type of psychological explanation)

Her: (turns around, smile) “Hi!”

Me: (light smile) “Just walked past you a few minutes ago. Just thought you were really cute and had to come meet you.”

Her:(all smiles at this point) “Really? I'm ______. Whats your name?”

Me: “ _________” (Shakes hand)

Her: “Nice to meet you ______”

Me: “So what you up to today?” (Getting the logistics to set up the instadate)

Her: “Nothing much. Just doing some shopping. I'm headed home now. What about you?”

Me: “Did you buy me anything?”

Her: “Yeah, I bought you some shoes.h haha. They are heels.”

Me: “Oh yeah? I love those(straight face). I can wear those with my new club dress..”

Her: “haha! Really? Youll get the fake hair going to?”

Me: “Yep. Something like that. Ill be a stunner.”

Her: “hahaha. I'm sure you would be.”

Time to go for the instadate.

Me: “You wanna grab a drink or something? We can go to Starbucks and grab a frappachino or some tea.” (Since I knew she was just shopping, a lot of time on her hands, and headed home soon didnt bother asking if she had time)

Her: (Smile) “Sure!”

Me: “Cool.” (Begin to walk, she walks with me) . We will go to the one on the waterfront. I like that one better.”

I want go into detail about our conversation during the instadate. But I love it when people stare. Ha. They see some guy who just met a hottie literally 3 minutes ago and already hangin out with her. Fuckin pimp shit.

We get to starbucks. Get our drinks. We set and start to talk and I form a romantic connection with her by getting to know her likes, talking about romantic things I like she likes. Held her hand. And got a kiss/small makeout. While we were talking. We talk about kissing. I ask is she a good kisser. She says yes I think I am ateast.. Me..Lets find out. In for the kiss. She let me but kinda freaked afterwards. Said she never kissed a guy before she just met. Especially during the day. But she loves it. Playing with her hair, blushing, while I look into her eyes and just chilling like its just another day for me.

So we finish out drinks, role out and I tell her we are talking a walk to the water. We get to the water. We make jokes and play the middle school “guessing game” haha.

Get her to a romantic spot. Tell her if she guess my middle name right she gets the most amazing hug ever. She doesnt get it right but does after some hints. Still give her a hug, but a shitty one. Push her away. She laughs then pull her back in for a bigger hug and I said... “Oh, one more thing...” Makeout/kiss for about 6 seconds.

I tell her she isn't a bad kisser after all. She laughs and says she cant believes shes doing this.

Anyway, we wrap it up because I actually want to get into more sets. ha. So I walk her to her bus stop. I make a romantic poem for her..

“Violets are red...Your bus is coming...I really like humming..and I hope you like coming” haha.

Her mouth drops and she cracks up.

Kiss good bye. Put her number in my phone call her she saves me. Im out.

I will say this. I think since i am just getting "use to" getting instadates i can notice myself trying to hard at times...Trying to not make it awkward when awkward is actually a good thing sometimes i think on dates. Instead i should just be absorbing any awkward moments and instead of trying to make it less awkward, be in the awkwardness. haha.  Also i find myself trying to hard to make the girl comfortable...I can see myself giving off a try hard vibe at some points during this instadate that could ultimately turn the girl off or place me in the friend zone. I also notice myself not creating that masculine to feminine polarity too like i should. Even though i got the makeout etc i could see myself being friend zoned or eliminated if i keep those behaviors up long enough. Luckily it seems i didnt, but i want to cut these behaviors out all together. But aye, you learn from every experience..references are fucking key.

Didn't get to get up with my wing yet.

Open a 3 set. SUPER hotties. 2 of them were solid 10s but I new which one I wanted.

II catch up to them and go in..

Me: “Hello there...Hows it going?” (Strong, authoritiv voice.)

They all respond.

One of the girls ask me was I a police:

Me: “Yes..I came to let you know you are smoking in a non-smoke area.”

They all laugh.

Me: “I'll need to see your license..”

The girl I wanted was talking on the phone, she told me that what I said was lame. Haha. A little shit test.

I ignore her and continue talking to the other two friends.

Some how we got on the topic of me being black and having a big cock.

I was just vibing with them..

Girl I wants gets off the phone and comes back in..

and asks me my name.

Me: “I'm _____. Who are you?”

Her: “Im _____. Do you always approach girls like this?”

Me: “Depends...I have high standards and im only attracted to certain things I want. Not anything with a vagina...I really thought you were a cutie. Had to come over and talk.”

Her: “Really?”(Smiling and awing)

Me: “Yeah...Really..”

In for the hug. Could have made out with her. After we hugged her lips stayed near my face for a moment. I loafed though..fuck.

We vibe some more and she tells me they are going some where and need to catch a cab, I try to get her on a instadate. No go. Walked them to their cab, hug her, get the number and roll out. People driving by on the highway were just staring, ha. I love putting on a show. ;-)


Had a blowout after that. Opened a two set talked for about 30 seconds.. “Have a nice day!” They roll out. I laugh.

If a girl completly blows you off like just keeps walking while trying to shake her hand or complete ignores you..Its funny because I find it best to ABSORB the BLOWOUT. Like I literally stand their after the blowout...look around at people who seen it(if any)...look at them...look around..shrug my shoulders and walk away. Even if my hand is out and they dont shake it but walk away, i just leave my handout..look around..laugh to myself..absorb it..look at people who seen it(if any) laugh to myself, shrug it off and walk away...Totally self amused. When you do this you will actually find it VERY funny and amusing.

I found that this actually makes you more comfortable about having thoughts of being blown out..you know that the worst that will happen is you will just stand there and absorb the blowout..No one says anything to you..no one really cares honestly. In fact most people admire that shit because they cant do it. It also helps rid your ego, and being scared of "embarrassment".


I open a next set three girls setting in the grassy area..Brazilian girls..I just walk up..make sure they see me..and I have a seat..Instead of trying to make it less awkward by talking I just sat down...and said nothing..just looked at them..

After like 10 seconds of the “awkwardness” they all bust out laughing..im in. I let them know “just joking. Hi, hows it going”. Let them know why I cam over. They all looked cool. I actually told the girl who I didnt want that she was a cuties and ignored the one I wanted...Chatted for about 10 minutes joke around a bit...i eat one of their wafer snacks. Told them thats the only reason I came to talk.

Joke around a bit. Set up a day 2 with my other friends I want them to meet. Get the girl I wanted number. I roll out. I think they seen me opening a few more sets in that area...Didnt really care though. ha.

My wing met this girl who he could have easily escalated and probably made out with..So when I met up with him he had her with him they were walking together. I play with her and start to escalate playing to throw her in the water..I play take my shirt off and mess with her..I stop though because this was my wings girl..I was just trying to show him that he could do it..No go. She rolls out to go to work.

Anyway. I had a few more sets after that. Including one set with a MILF from Memphis. She is literally going crazy over me..Gives me the most wettest kiss on the check ive ever gotten before I leave. She wants me to come to memphis to see her...an hour later, she texts me.

Anyway I know this was a long post. I just like to write in detail.


The thing is, ive learned not to worry about getting flakey numbers...just do what you have to do! Do your part and everything will fall in place. You cant control the test. But make sure you know what your part is, and execute.

Had a few more sets between these but this post will be literally 5 pages if I write about those.

Goals Completed:

1. Got a daygame makeout/kiss
2. Got 1 instadate.(aimed for two)
4. Non-reaction seeking.
5. Free of outcome.
6. Enjoyed the process of opening. Not trying to get the fruit before I planted the seed and tended the garden.
7. No neediness or desperateness.
8. Learning to absorb and embrace what most call “awkwardness” and “embarrassment”. This shit REALLY helps. Try it.
9. No prethinking
10. opened all 2 and three sets.
11. Voice centered and grounded in all interactions.
12. Escalated with hugs, kisses, handshakes, etc.
13. Made romantic connections
14. Opened sets that would seem impossible to your average chode/guy.


Mainly things on instadates:

1. Trying to make it work so bad on instadates instead of letting it flow.
2. Showing signs of neediness on instadates, and insecurity.
3. Not creating enough masuline to feminine energy/polarity.
4. Just need to cut out TRYING too fucking hard. It gets you excited though... i remember over a year ago i considered myself "lucky" to get a date....PERIOD...Now i can get dates within three minutes of meeting a girl...Some cool shit.
5. i think i can escalate better on instadates too.



Friday, May 24, 2013

Re-Evaluting My Life

Today i came across an interesting read. It is called Aligning your life with your goals.

Most people NEVER do this. They simply think of random goals or aspirations on the fly or throughout their day. Doing this simply does not make it possible to stay present and in moment enough to actually align your life with your goals. Meaning making decisions that are fully aligned with your goals, and discarding ones that are not and will otherwise waste your time.

So that brings me to todays journal/blog post.

Day to Day Goals

- Continue to work out 4 days a week and build sold muscle with six pack abs.
- Work hard towards earning my bachelors degree and finishing schools.
- Do things i need to do to transfer from my current community college to a 4-year institution.
- Continue to work my hardest at my internship and load my resume.
- Be in the moment. 
- Meditate for 20 minutes every day.
- Continue to build my companies brand.

When i am congruent i act in line with my dreams, desires, aspirations, mindset, values, mission and goals. 

I do not let other peoples thoughts such as the media, effect my reality or my approach to the world. I have my own unique path.

Things that happen when i/you are congruent:

- Increased confidence.
-Increased alertness.
-Better decision making and they become easy because you know what you want.
-Decreased stress and pressure.

Evaluating your life goals and allows you to make the most use of your time since you know where you would ultimately like to go.

When you are congruent you don't waste time going in circles  and finding yourself wasting a lot of time, or as many people say..watching time fly by.

Once you are congruent your life with women, work, family, and over all well-being will fall in place. But the first step is knowing what you want and aligning yourself with those goals from day to day.

 My Core Purpose in life:

 Fit, active, a true gentlemen, not a douche-bag or jerk,passionate about life, strong, man of action and goes for what he wants. Live in the moment. Bring value to family, friends, and anyone else of meaning to my life. Ultimately live with NO regrets and live to strive towards my goals.

The next question is to ask yourself...What are my values?

My Values

Values i am moving towards:

1. Fitness/Health/Strength/Vatiliy.
2. Confidence 
3. Happiness/Fun
5.Success/working hard.
6.Being positive.
7. Warm, charming, caring, and charismatic.
8. Read, Read, Read 
9. Honesty
10. Love
11. Intelligence
12. Make a difference in peoples lives.
13. Be creative
14. Build my application companies brand.
15. Be internally driven.
16. Enjoy planting the plants and tending the garden vs only working towards getting the fruit and results. The fruit will come.

My Key Values: Fit/Helath/Strength/Vatility. Confidence, happiness/fun, success hard working. Making a difference in peoples lives. Build my business. honest

Values i am moving AWAY from:

1. Worry
2. Past and future ways of thinking.
3. Negativity.
4. Procrastination
5. Finding excuses for not doing something rather than JUST DOING IT.
6. Anger
7. Being unsatisfied with my life. Instead be present and know this is where my life is meant to be or else i wouldnt be here.
8. Move away from using phrases such as: Should have, would have, could have.
9. Laziness
10. External motivations
11. Materialistic attitude
12. Being outcome dependent instead of enjoying the process. 
13. Looking to far ahead vs just enjoying the now. 
14. Neediness

Now, when evaluating your values, goals and overall life purpose. It is important to create RULE for each value and goal. This way you know specifically what that means to YOU.


1. Fitness/Health/Vatility - Continue to work out 4 days a week. Become involved with fitness activities that can increase my overall well-being. I am living this rule when ever i undergo an activity that will increase my flexibility, strength, or vatility.
2. Confidence - Speaking, behaving, innerly thinking, with full confidence, support and congruency with my being and who i am. Anytime i speak with confidence, understand and make confidence behaviors a part of my being and showing them, sitting, walking, and moving with confidence, Have a smile on my face, not being needy or worrying about what people what think of what i have to say or peoples overall opinion of me. 

3. Happiness/Fun - Not taking myself or life to seriously. Being humorous. Learning to not take social interactions and people to seriously. Becoming Happy and satisfied where i am in my life at the moment. Give value instead of looking to take value.

4. Passion - Live life and do everything i do with a passion. Give my all to the things that matter to me and live with a passion.

5. Success / Work hard - Continue to work hard and pay my dues in my career. Never complain but put my head down and WORK. Work my ass off. Never try and measure my success but allow my journey to become my success.

6. Being positive - Eliminate the negative thoughts, replace them with positive thoughts and positive emotions only.

7. Warm, Charming, Charismatic -  Become charismatic. I dont want to just bang hot girls but i want to offer value to their lives, not just pretend i will offer value for one night to get laid, but REALLY offer value and be a true gentlemen.

8. Read, Read, Read - READ any and all books that interest me. I would like to read 5 books or more a year.

9. Honesty - When first getting into the game i found myself being dishonest. With DHV stories, lying to girsl etc. I want to be honest in every aspect of my life. Live honest, give honesty, and ultimately be honest to myself.

10. Love - This may sound "chody" in some eyes but i want to love unconditionally one day. I want to give love and give the gift of love. To share and care for someone unconditionally, without boundaries, but freely.

11. Intelligence - READ. Continue to feed my brain. Learn as much as possible. Get experience. Graduate from college and get my masters. Write a self-help e-book/ Dating e-book.

12. Make a difference in peoples lives - This is the point of life. If you don't make a difference in other peoples lives and leave behind a legacy...What good are you? No one will remember you and no one will mention you when you are dead. This is so key. Anything that i do should be leading to making a difference in not only my own life but others.

13. Build my application company - Continue to develop apps and games. Start to develop apps for businesses. Grow my team. 

14. Be internally driven - Don't look for external things to motivate me, but only be driven from myself and within. 

15. Enjoy planting the plants and tending the garden vs only working towards getting the fruit and results. The fruit will come. - This is KEY. Rather than looking ahead of the journey. Just enjoy the journey itself. Enjoy every single moment, second, and minute because ultimately NOW is all there is.

Rules for values i want to move away from:

1. Worry -  Not worrying about thing i cant control or my life situation. Realizing this is where i should be in my life. Instead of letting life "happen" learn to let life run through you..Fully in the moment.

2. Past and Future ways of thinking - We are taught as kids to identify ourselves by our past and current thoughts. This is not the correct way of living as it doesnt allow of you to live from your BEING but instead thoughts that are driven by outside stimulus. Think in the moment, only use the past and future in logical circumstances.

3. Negativity - Move away from all things that bring negativity to my life. Including, People, Thoughts, Mindsets, Limiting beliefs, TV, and all other stimuli.

4. Procrastination - "I'll do it later or some day" has been my mindset. Move away from this mindset and know that there really is a later or tomorrow but only NOW. Especially in important areas of my life that means the most.

5. Finding Excuses for NOT doing something - This is a problem for many people. Finding excuses for NOT doing something when really..There aren't any excuses for not doing something in the moment you are in..Stop making excuses and JUST DO IT.

6. Anger - I dont experience this emotion much but when i do i want to learn to not get anger over things out of my control. The only thing i should be angry at is when i dont give something my all or best shot.

7. Being unsatisfied with life - Feeling like my life is not where it should be. comparing my life to other people in the same age group etc. Know that in this moment my life is MEANT to be in this moment where i am. Always appreciate the moment of BEING and know that everything will fall in place.

8.  Remove phrases, Should, Could, would from vocabulary - I hate to hear people use these words. What they are really saying is they should have, could have, would have, taken advantage of that moment but they didn't due to mainly FEAR. Fear of failure, fear of reject, fear of loss of self. I want to always take advantage of the moment so i will never use these three phrases.

9. Laziness - I dont struggle with this much. Anytime i feel laziness becoming apart of me. Get up and do something.

10.External Motivation -  This is key and leads a lot of people to being hurt, let down, and ultimately depressed. Learn to not get motivation from external or materialistic things. Things can disappear anytime or things i cant control. Get motivation from WITHIN.

11. Materialistic Attitude - Moving away from the mindset that material things make me someone or makes other people know my status in life. If i have certain material things it should be because of a want instead of having something prove.Realizing none of this means anything in the grand scheme of things.

12. Looking to far ahead - Looking to far ahead during the process of something. don't look at the fruit of the action before the action is complete. But enjoy the process of digging the whole, planting the seed, watering the seed, watching it grow, and then getting the fruit.

13. Neediness - Realizing the only thing i need is my BEING, water. Everything else is not needed but wanted.

Ultimately i want to LET GO. Let life, energy, emotion and my BEING flow through me. Enjoying the process of growing older and wiser. Leading my life towards my goals with freedom of outcome.
I don't want to just DO ME but i also want to ALLOW ME.

This is my life plan.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Slow Down!!!!!

Why hello there...
Today i had a realization. I've had it many times before but today it really really resonated with me....

Yes, slow the fuck down..
Being conscious of myself why i am in set i noticed how fast i speak, how overly energetic i am, how i don't make laser eye contact and my fast hyper movements.

In fact, i experimented with SLOWING DOWN in day game before and noticed tremendous results. Women paid me more attention, more sexual energy and attraction was formed, and ultimately it creates a nice vibe and shows your confidence.

I'm not saying to act and speak as slow as a turtle but here is what i am saying....

  • Body language - Walking slowly, slow movements.

  • Verbals - Slow down speech, pausing when needed, patience when speaking.

  • Listening - Patiently listening and not interrupting.

  • Shit tests - Being patient with the girl and allowing her to test you.

  • Spending time with the girl so she becomes comfortable.

  • Texting - Waiting to respond (not being too eager).

  • Phone call - Slow speech, patience before asking girl out.

  • In a club - patience at beginning of night.

  • Daygame - being calm and not rushing approaches.

  • Opening - Patience and screening frame (be prepared to walk away).

  • Online dating - patience to find out more about the girl.

  • Sex- Be patient and wait for sex (don't be desperate).

  • In the bedroom - do not rush the sexual experience (enjoy it).

  • Meditation - Take the time to calm yourself.

  • Diet - Take the time to prepare healthy meals.

  • Hobbies / Experiences - Take the time to try new things.

  • Patience at the gym and trusting in the process.

  • Taking the time to develop your personality.

  • Above all, do not waste time and live life to the full.
In fact, these are my goals for tonight..to slow down.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Staying Positive In The Midst Of Adversity


Sluggler here.

Its been over week since the last time I've posted. Its been soooo much going on in my life(personally) that has been really taking a lot of my attention and focus.

Here is a post from my blog/thread over on RSD nation's forum...

May 13th

Haven't had a chance to post in the past week. I've had so much shit going on(personal).

I was in a car accident on Wednesday on my way to take my last final for this semester. Didn't see a guy break in front of me, and smashed into the back of him. Luckily, no injuries but my car is pretty fucked.

  Didn't have collision coverage since my car is over 7 years old. At the end of the day my car may end up with a different color hood but fuck it. Thats where i am right now...Broke College student. Haha. I may post pictures of my ride when its fixed. I'm sure it'll get some good laughs. ;-) Nevertheless ill still be fucking pimping in it!

Anyway, I didn't get to go out much after the accident but i have been gaming at the gym, and any where else i see women.

Was in the gym on Saturday. solid 9 on the tread mill all the guys are talking to each other about her, staring. Her body and ass was amazing. Every step she took on the treadmill her ass would literally shake...I think one guy on the smith machine near me got a boner and ran to the bathroom lmao.

So i go up to one of the guys and tell him to go talk to her...He laughs, and ask did i know her. I said no...

I was squatting and she had then came to the calf lift machine and i went it. I joked at her about the amount of weight she had on the calf lifts, and she laughs and started to qualify herself.

Long story short,  i told her i had to finish my workout but i would get her when i was about to begin my ab routine. So we workout crushed the abs, then got her number before i left. Its amazing the amount of stares you get from guys admiring what i had just did...When really they could do the same thing..Easily..All it requires is putting yourself out their a little and saying FUCK your comfort zone..And being present in the moment helps.

Anyway, I hit her up through text finds out she is 34..About 14 years older than me. I think she could sense i was younger when we were working out. She wasn't really giving me anything through text. In fact she never responded to my last message on Sunday. So i may hit her up again tomorrow and just go straight for the day 2.

I have a main chick now that i met from day game about 4 months back. She picked me up and we went out this weekend. Had a great time. Slept over her place. Had great sex. Came home. Chilled on Sunday with the fam for mothers day.

Have a day 2 with a girl from the club a week ago. She wants to meet up and go to the same club with me. She is bringing her friend, and ill bring a wing along too. The friend she is bringing isn't that hot, maybe a 6 at best. But my wing is aware, plus we will be opening more sets in the club anyway.



So there ya go. A lot going on...

Without further ado...

To today's topic.

Staying Positive In The Midst Of Adversity

I personally view this as a very important topic.

1. Because EVERYONE has some type of adversity in their lives sooner or later.

2. Its important to know how to cope with not ALWAYS getting the results you want or think you want.

3. It teaches you how to make life work for YOU instead of working or being a slave to life.

4. Teaches you to PUSH through the bullshit and make shit happen.

5. Makes you realize that the  MOMENT or NOW is the only reality there is..not a minute later, tomorrow, or yesterday..BUT NOW is the only reality. When shit is going bad for you, it forces you to find the good in yourself and be content.(well it has for me)

To me, these 5 points are fucking key to success with women and every other aspect.

Being positive in the midst of adversity isn't easy for someone who doesn't practice being present. Being present allows you to find happiness, content, and satisfaction with the moment, knowing that you cant control what happens tomorrow, or yesterday but only what happens...NOW.

With women, you are going to hit dry spells, low points, just like with anything in life. But it is important to stay positive by being in the moment and realizing you cant control what happens in the future or in the past..Paying key attention to those thoughts of the past or the future, when you do this, you ARE present.

Ekhart Tolle really explains this well in his book, The Power of Now.

Being present allows you to be optimistic about the future...Not knowing what will happen, and ultimately realizing time is an ILLUSION.

If you think about it, the only time there is...is NOW...Really think about that.

This helps you stay positive by not dwelling on what will happen in the future, or what happened in the past...Realizing all there is..is NOW.

This creates a deep inner peace, a happiness with yourself no matter WHAT. Whether is driving around a clunker for a while, getting "rejected" in public, or even getting slapped. You know that known of this really matters because it will not change who you are, and where you life will take you. It is very easy to fall into a state of "depression" as most people do, by worrying about what will happen in the future, trying to save their egos, worrying about the past and how they could have or should have did this differently. When this happens they are letting the moment past them by and not realizing what is in front of them. Hence corrupting their NOW by associating their identities with their minds..When who they truly are is in their BEING. Because most people associate their identities with their mind they miss out on the present moment, and watch time "fly" by.

Key to staying positive...BE PRESENT!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Secret to "APPROACH ALL"

Yooo! What's going on!

Recently i haven't been able to post due to HIGH volume of school work since i am now taking finals. Which i think is coming along great by the way.

Now that school is letting out soon and i'll have much much more free time, i'll be putting extreme efforts back into posting field reports, blog post, vBlogs(maybe), and even some live in-field!(Once i get a camera   and mic).

Anyway, subscribe if you like my shit and want to stay up to date.

So..To today's post. I always encourage my buddies/wings, friends that day game can be executed at ANYTIME. A lot of guys think you have to "specifically" go out with intentions on day gaming or to pick up chicks. When in reality..YOU DON'T. I've hammered the concept of APPROACHING in my brain so much till its become a natural instinct now.

For example, if you are in a situation that your brain tells you can potentially cause you harm..what happens? Your mind automatically begins to find ways to get out of the situation and ultimately save yourself.

Approaching should become the same way. Learn to make it an automatic response. The average person are SLAVES to their brains. They allow their brains to control them or identify who they are vs. allowing yourself and being to control your mind. This happens when you become conscious or present. This is why presence is such an important concept. The guys at RSD such as tyler really hammer this home.

So how do you make approaching a automatic response when you see a girl you want to talk to or find attractive?

Simply by ignoring the thoughts of the girl cursing you out, slapping you, or simply ignoring you. When you are first starting your mind is automatically wired to do this.

Pain and Pleasure

We as humans ALWAYS link things in life to either pain or pleasure. We tend to lean more towards things that we THINK/ BELIEVE will lead to pleasure and we try to avoid things our MIND tells us may or will lead to pain.

When i first got into the game over a year ago, i linked interactions with girls to PAIN. Massive social pain of what to say next, do i look stupid, what if she rejects me and people laugh, what if im not her type, what if, what if what if what if...until ultimately i would fuck myself from EVER cold approaching girls.

I believe lots of guys who first enter the game or even the ones that's been in the game over a year now still to have approach anxiety from LINKING approaching to PAIN.

How simple is this to correct?

Well it can be pretty simple. I was amazed at my ability to approach when i begin to replace the NEGATIVE thoughts of approaching with POSITIVE thoughts of approaching and what could come of me just walking up and saying "Hi".

Some of the common NEGATIVE thoughts of approaching a girl:

1. What if she "rejects" me?
2. What do i say to her?
3.I don't know anything interesting to say to make her like me...
4.What if she has a boy friend?
5.What if she ignores me and keeps walking?
6.What if her boy friend is around?

I'm sure you guys can think of several more....

Now, the best way i've learned to remove or all together eliminate the bullsh*t thoughts is by replacing them with POSITIVE thoughts

What are some POSITIVE thoughts to replace my NEGATIVE thoughts?

1.She could be a new f*ck buddy.
2.She could be the girl i'm looking for(if you want this).
3. She could be my new girl friend.
4.She could be a new friend that i make who can introduce me to more of her hot friends or a new social circle.
5.She could be my first day game(or night game) make out.
6. She could be my PULL today or tonight, or on a day 2.
7.She could be a famous model, have access to exclusive clubs.
8.I'm the guy she has been waiting for.
9. I AM ENOUGH. No matter what i say. I AM ENOUGH. If she doesn't accept that. Her loss.

You see? Honestly if you look at it..There are SO many good outcomes that can come from simply APPROACHING versus the few negative things that your mind tells you will happen( which 9.5 times out of 10 they WONT).

So when i see a cutie walking down the street etc. Those are the POSITIVE thoughts that go through my mind from the moment i spot her, and ultimately i have no issues with pushing through the logistical bullsh*t and APPROACHING.

Now, when first using this, you will notice a tug of war between the negative and positive thoughts. But you will notice your will power to push through when your mind tells you there is light at the end of the tunnel vs your mind telling you, you are f*cked if you approach.

So, i thought i would make a quick post on that before i head out for the night in a few!

So try it out, let me know what you guys think.

I have a new field report coming tomorrow from a pretty crazy day game story while i was on lunch break at work, involving my boss and a girl i had just met! haha. Pretty interesting. Also i'll have some FR's and post from tonight too!