Friday, May 24, 2013

Re-Evaluting My Life

Today i came across an interesting read. It is called Aligning your life with your goals.

Most people NEVER do this. They simply think of random goals or aspirations on the fly or throughout their day. Doing this simply does not make it possible to stay present and in moment enough to actually align your life with your goals. Meaning making decisions that are fully aligned with your goals, and discarding ones that are not and will otherwise waste your time.

So that brings me to todays journal/blog post.

Day to Day Goals

- Continue to work out 4 days a week and build sold muscle with six pack abs.
- Work hard towards earning my bachelors degree and finishing schools.
- Do things i need to do to transfer from my current community college to a 4-year institution.
- Continue to work my hardest at my internship and load my resume.
- Be in the moment. 
- Meditate for 20 minutes every day.
- Continue to build my companies brand.

When i am congruent i act in line with my dreams, desires, aspirations, mindset, values, mission and goals. 

I do not let other peoples thoughts such as the media, effect my reality or my approach to the world. I have my own unique path.

Things that happen when i/you are congruent:

- Increased confidence.
-Increased alertness.
-Better decision making and they become easy because you know what you want.
-Decreased stress and pressure.

Evaluating your life goals and allows you to make the most use of your time since you know where you would ultimately like to go.

When you are congruent you don't waste time going in circles  and finding yourself wasting a lot of time, or as many people say..watching time fly by.

Once you are congruent your life with women, work, family, and over all well-being will fall in place. But the first step is knowing what you want and aligning yourself with those goals from day to day.

 My Core Purpose in life:

 Fit, active, a true gentlemen, not a douche-bag or jerk,passionate about life, strong, man of action and goes for what he wants. Live in the moment. Bring value to family, friends, and anyone else of meaning to my life. Ultimately live with NO regrets and live to strive towards my goals.

The next question is to ask yourself...What are my values?

My Values

Values i am moving towards:

1. Fitness/Health/Strength/Vatiliy.
2. Confidence 
3. Happiness/Fun
5.Success/working hard.
6.Being positive.
7. Warm, charming, caring, and charismatic.
8. Read, Read, Read 
9. Honesty
10. Love
11. Intelligence
12. Make a difference in peoples lives.
13. Be creative
14. Build my application companies brand.
15. Be internally driven.
16. Enjoy planting the plants and tending the garden vs only working towards getting the fruit and results. The fruit will come.

My Key Values: Fit/Helath/Strength/Vatility. Confidence, happiness/fun, success hard working. Making a difference in peoples lives. Build my business. honest

Values i am moving AWAY from:

1. Worry
2. Past and future ways of thinking.
3. Negativity.
4. Procrastination
5. Finding excuses for not doing something rather than JUST DOING IT.
6. Anger
7. Being unsatisfied with my life. Instead be present and know this is where my life is meant to be or else i wouldnt be here.
8. Move away from using phrases such as: Should have, would have, could have.
9. Laziness
10. External motivations
11. Materialistic attitude
12. Being outcome dependent instead of enjoying the process. 
13. Looking to far ahead vs just enjoying the now. 
14. Neediness

Now, when evaluating your values, goals and overall life purpose. It is important to create RULE for each value and goal. This way you know specifically what that means to YOU.


1. Fitness/Health/Vatility - Continue to work out 4 days a week. Become involved with fitness activities that can increase my overall well-being. I am living this rule when ever i undergo an activity that will increase my flexibility, strength, or vatility.
2. Confidence - Speaking, behaving, innerly thinking, with full confidence, support and congruency with my being and who i am. Anytime i speak with confidence, understand and make confidence behaviors a part of my being and showing them, sitting, walking, and moving with confidence, Have a smile on my face, not being needy or worrying about what people what think of what i have to say or peoples overall opinion of me. 

3. Happiness/Fun - Not taking myself or life to seriously. Being humorous. Learning to not take social interactions and people to seriously. Becoming Happy and satisfied where i am in my life at the moment. Give value instead of looking to take value.

4. Passion - Live life and do everything i do with a passion. Give my all to the things that matter to me and live with a passion.

5. Success / Work hard - Continue to work hard and pay my dues in my career. Never complain but put my head down and WORK. Work my ass off. Never try and measure my success but allow my journey to become my success.

6. Being positive - Eliminate the negative thoughts, replace them with positive thoughts and positive emotions only.

7. Warm, Charming, Charismatic -  Become charismatic. I dont want to just bang hot girls but i want to offer value to their lives, not just pretend i will offer value for one night to get laid, but REALLY offer value and be a true gentlemen.

8. Read, Read, Read - READ any and all books that interest me. I would like to read 5 books or more a year.

9. Honesty - When first getting into the game i found myself being dishonest. With DHV stories, lying to girsl etc. I want to be honest in every aspect of my life. Live honest, give honesty, and ultimately be honest to myself.

10. Love - This may sound "chody" in some eyes but i want to love unconditionally one day. I want to give love and give the gift of love. To share and care for someone unconditionally, without boundaries, but freely.

11. Intelligence - READ. Continue to feed my brain. Learn as much as possible. Get experience. Graduate from college and get my masters. Write a self-help e-book/ Dating e-book.

12. Make a difference in peoples lives - This is the point of life. If you don't make a difference in other peoples lives and leave behind a legacy...What good are you? No one will remember you and no one will mention you when you are dead. This is so key. Anything that i do should be leading to making a difference in not only my own life but others.

13. Build my application company - Continue to develop apps and games. Start to develop apps for businesses. Grow my team. 

14. Be internally driven - Don't look for external things to motivate me, but only be driven from myself and within. 

15. Enjoy planting the plants and tending the garden vs only working towards getting the fruit and results. The fruit will come. - This is KEY. Rather than looking ahead of the journey. Just enjoy the journey itself. Enjoy every single moment, second, and minute because ultimately NOW is all there is.

Rules for values i want to move away from:

1. Worry -  Not worrying about thing i cant control or my life situation. Realizing this is where i should be in my life. Instead of letting life "happen" learn to let life run through you..Fully in the moment.

2. Past and Future ways of thinking - We are taught as kids to identify ourselves by our past and current thoughts. This is not the correct way of living as it doesnt allow of you to live from your BEING but instead thoughts that are driven by outside stimulus. Think in the moment, only use the past and future in logical circumstances.

3. Negativity - Move away from all things that bring negativity to my life. Including, People, Thoughts, Mindsets, Limiting beliefs, TV, and all other stimuli.

4. Procrastination - "I'll do it later or some day" has been my mindset. Move away from this mindset and know that there really is a later or tomorrow but only NOW. Especially in important areas of my life that means the most.

5. Finding Excuses for NOT doing something - This is a problem for many people. Finding excuses for NOT doing something when really..There aren't any excuses for not doing something in the moment you are in..Stop making excuses and JUST DO IT.

6. Anger - I dont experience this emotion much but when i do i want to learn to not get anger over things out of my control. The only thing i should be angry at is when i dont give something my all or best shot.

7. Being unsatisfied with life - Feeling like my life is not where it should be. comparing my life to other people in the same age group etc. Know that in this moment my life is MEANT to be in this moment where i am. Always appreciate the moment of BEING and know that everything will fall in place.

8.  Remove phrases, Should, Could, would from vocabulary - I hate to hear people use these words. What they are really saying is they should have, could have, would have, taken advantage of that moment but they didn't due to mainly FEAR. Fear of failure, fear of reject, fear of loss of self. I want to always take advantage of the moment so i will never use these three phrases.

9. Laziness - I dont struggle with this much. Anytime i feel laziness becoming apart of me. Get up and do something.

10.External Motivation -  This is key and leads a lot of people to being hurt, let down, and ultimately depressed. Learn to not get motivation from external or materialistic things. Things can disappear anytime or things i cant control. Get motivation from WITHIN.

11. Materialistic Attitude - Moving away from the mindset that material things make me someone or makes other people know my status in life. If i have certain material things it should be because of a want instead of having something prove.Realizing none of this means anything in the grand scheme of things.

12. Looking to far ahead - Looking to far ahead during the process of something. don't look at the fruit of the action before the action is complete. But enjoy the process of digging the whole, planting the seed, watering the seed, watching it grow, and then getting the fruit.

13. Neediness - Realizing the only thing i need is my BEING, water. Everything else is not needed but wanted.

Ultimately i want to LET GO. Let life, energy, emotion and my BEING flow through me. Enjoying the process of growing older and wiser. Leading my life towards my goals with freedom of outcome.
I don't want to just DO ME but i also want to ALLOW ME.

This is my life plan.

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