Monday, May 13, 2013

Staying Positive In The Midst Of Adversity


Sluggler here.

Its been over week since the last time I've posted. Its been soooo much going on in my life(personally) that has been really taking a lot of my attention and focus.

Here is a post from my blog/thread over on RSD nation's forum...

May 13th

Haven't had a chance to post in the past week. I've had so much shit going on(personal).

I was in a car accident on Wednesday on my way to take my last final for this semester. Didn't see a guy break in front of me, and smashed into the back of him. Luckily, no injuries but my car is pretty fucked.

  Didn't have collision coverage since my car is over 7 years old. At the end of the day my car may end up with a different color hood but fuck it. Thats where i am right now...Broke College student. Haha. I may post pictures of my ride when its fixed. I'm sure it'll get some good laughs. ;-) Nevertheless ill still be fucking pimping in it!

Anyway, I didn't get to go out much after the accident but i have been gaming at the gym, and any where else i see women.

Was in the gym on Saturday. solid 9 on the tread mill all the guys are talking to each other about her, staring. Her body and ass was amazing. Every step she took on the treadmill her ass would literally shake...I think one guy on the smith machine near me got a boner and ran to the bathroom lmao.

So i go up to one of the guys and tell him to go talk to her...He laughs, and ask did i know her. I said no...

I was squatting and she had then came to the calf lift machine and i went it. I joked at her about the amount of weight she had on the calf lifts, and she laughs and started to qualify herself.

Long story short,  i told her i had to finish my workout but i would get her when i was about to begin my ab routine. So we workout crushed the abs, then got her number before i left. Its amazing the amount of stares you get from guys admiring what i had just did...When really they could do the same thing..Easily..All it requires is putting yourself out their a little and saying FUCK your comfort zone..And being present in the moment helps.

Anyway, I hit her up through text finds out she is 34..About 14 years older than me. I think she could sense i was younger when we were working out. She wasn't really giving me anything through text. In fact she never responded to my last message on Sunday. So i may hit her up again tomorrow and just go straight for the day 2.

I have a main chick now that i met from day game about 4 months back. She picked me up and we went out this weekend. Had a great time. Slept over her place. Had great sex. Came home. Chilled on Sunday with the fam for mothers day.

Have a day 2 with a girl from the club a week ago. She wants to meet up and go to the same club with me. She is bringing her friend, and ill bring a wing along too. The friend she is bringing isn't that hot, maybe a 6 at best. But my wing is aware, plus we will be opening more sets in the club anyway.



So there ya go. A lot going on...

Without further ado...

To today's topic.

Staying Positive In The Midst Of Adversity

I personally view this as a very important topic.

1. Because EVERYONE has some type of adversity in their lives sooner or later.

2. Its important to know how to cope with not ALWAYS getting the results you want or think you want.

3. It teaches you how to make life work for YOU instead of working or being a slave to life.

4. Teaches you to PUSH through the bullshit and make shit happen.

5. Makes you realize that the  MOMENT or NOW is the only reality there is..not a minute later, tomorrow, or yesterday..BUT NOW is the only reality. When shit is going bad for you, it forces you to find the good in yourself and be content.(well it has for me)

To me, these 5 points are fucking key to success with women and every other aspect.

Being positive in the midst of adversity isn't easy for someone who doesn't practice being present. Being present allows you to find happiness, content, and satisfaction with the moment, knowing that you cant control what happens tomorrow, or yesterday but only what happens...NOW.

With women, you are going to hit dry spells, low points, just like with anything in life. But it is important to stay positive by being in the moment and realizing you cant control what happens in the future or in the past..Paying key attention to those thoughts of the past or the future, when you do this, you ARE present.

Ekhart Tolle really explains this well in his book, The Power of Now.

Being present allows you to be optimistic about the future...Not knowing what will happen, and ultimately realizing time is an ILLUSION.

If you think about it, the only time there NOW...Really think about that.

This helps you stay positive by not dwelling on what will happen in the future, or what happened in the past...Realizing all there NOW.

This creates a deep inner peace, a happiness with yourself no matter WHAT. Whether is driving around a clunker for a while, getting "rejected" in public, or even getting slapped. You know that known of this really matters because it will not change who you are, and where you life will take you. It is very easy to fall into a state of "depression" as most people do, by worrying about what will happen in the future, trying to save their egos, worrying about the past and how they could have or should have did this differently. When this happens they are letting the moment past them by and not realizing what is in front of them. Hence corrupting their NOW by associating their identities with their minds..When who they truly are is in their BEING. Because most people associate their identities with their mind they miss out on the present moment, and watch time "fly" by.

Key to staying positive...BE PRESENT!

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