Thursday, May 16, 2013

Slow Down!!!!!

Why hello there...
Today i had a realization. I've had it many times before but today it really really resonated with me....

Yes, slow the fuck down..
Being conscious of myself why i am in set i noticed how fast i speak, how overly energetic i am, how i don't make laser eye contact and my fast hyper movements.

In fact, i experimented with SLOWING DOWN in day game before and noticed tremendous results. Women paid me more attention, more sexual energy and attraction was formed, and ultimately it creates a nice vibe and shows your confidence.

I'm not saying to act and speak as slow as a turtle but here is what i am saying....

  • Body language - Walking slowly, slow movements.

  • Verbals - Slow down speech, pausing when needed, patience when speaking.

  • Listening - Patiently listening and not interrupting.

  • Shit tests - Being patient with the girl and allowing her to test you.

  • Spending time with the girl so she becomes comfortable.

  • Texting - Waiting to respond (not being too eager).

  • Phone call - Slow speech, patience before asking girl out.

  • In a club - patience at beginning of night.

  • Daygame - being calm and not rushing approaches.

  • Opening - Patience and screening frame (be prepared to walk away).

  • Online dating - patience to find out more about the girl.

  • Sex- Be patient and wait for sex (don't be desperate).

  • In the bedroom - do not rush the sexual experience (enjoy it).

  • Meditation - Take the time to calm yourself.

  • Diet - Take the time to prepare healthy meals.

  • Hobbies / Experiences - Take the time to try new things.

  • Patience at the gym and trusting in the process.

  • Taking the time to develop your personality.

  • Above all, do not waste time and live life to the full.
In fact, these are my goals for slow down.

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