Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Be Persistent - Stop Making Excuses For Not Taking Action


So today I've had a chance to do some reflecting and self actualization.

I've enjoyed my journey in the game thus far and it has presented amazing, and wonderful opportunities for me.

But i must say, in order to be successful or to be a successful "player" you MUST be persistent.

If not you will get spit out faster than you got in. Trust me. This game isn't for little pussies. Its people who step the fuck up and take action mofo.

You know, life really takes you on a roller coaster. Sometimes it seems like things aren't going the way they should, or going as planned.

For example, i work as a intern. Unfortunately this summer the agency i am working for isn't hiring any full-time PAID interns. I am lucky enough to keep my internship for the summer, but for some reason my boss isn't going to allow me to work full-time this summer..I'm not sure the reason why yet, but i will find out tomorrow. It maybe issues of the budgets..Not really sure.

 On top of that i don't have any parent support for food, clothes, gas, car insurance, or even paying for school. In fact i'm not even sure how i will get into school next year since i wont have a co-signer for student loans. I drive a piece of shit car around(Which i bought and paid for myself). While it is a real clunker i am grateful for having something to drive at least.

One of my parents will be in jail for the next 10 years of my life for some dumb shit. That parent also left me with over $2,000 worth of credit card debt to pay back..

My other parent makes just about the same amount of money i make as a intern and struggles to make ends meet with my other 3 younger siblings. So yeah, there is nothing for me.

The struggle...So basically all i have is myself.
Its either drown or swim..

On top of that i just found out i was not accepted to the George Washington University where i wanted to attend. So now i am waiting on University of Maryland, hopefully i get accepted there and can make things happen...We will see. If i don't get accepted there its back to ground zero..

The struggle...

And yes, it is a real struggle. I'll be honest, its not exactly fun not knowing how you will finish school, how you will make ends meet, have clothes or shoes..not knowing if you will have a job after the summer and still have bills such as cell phone, insurance, credit card debt etc.

On a side note, i have managed to start my own Mobile Application Development company. We have about 3 games published right now. None of which generate a significant amount of revenue due to lack of exposure and of quality. The more games and apps we build the better and better they get and the more revenue we see. How did i learn to code?....READING BOOKS. Starting my senior year in high school.

Am i complaining about my life?

Fuck no..

I am making a point though..Among all the shit going on in my life..I still make it a priority to pimp it. While i may not be completely comfortable where i am right now, i can still go out and land hotties.

Like tyler says in one of his videos, no matter what happens you can always go out and pimp it.

Even among everything, i am still persistent, i still get out there and take action. Even when i don't know how i will put gas in my car..Some times i don't even have money for lunch, yet i still pimp it and land hotties.

Whats my point?

NEVER make EXCUSES for WHY you CANT TAKE ACTION....unless your on your death bed or hospitalized.

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