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How to have a KILLER Night Every Night – Having a blast every night you go out

How to have a KILLER Night Every Night – Having a blast every night you go out

Ever read a forum post or blog post of a guy complaining about “I sucked ass tonight...Couldn’t approach. So I just came home.”...Usually they will end their night in masturbation and porn.


Ever read one of those? If you haven’t and you’re new to the game, you’ll come across a post like this sooner or later. I call them Bitch Posts. This guys suck and wont get any better complaing..All they have to do is..TAKE ACTION.

Don’t let external factors determine whether you have a great night. Such as:

1. Getting blown out but you only made 3 approaches.
2. Standing around like a chode scared to let go. Totally “In your head”.
3. Getting massive Approach Anxiety.
4. Just plain out being a bitch.

In the end...All you have to do is TAKE ACTION. Just through yourself in sets.

So today I am going to discuss what I think are the top steps to going out and having a killer great night consistently.

Steps in Having a FUN / KILLER Night Every Night

Step 1 – WARM UP

Does Kobe Bryant or LeBron James come right out on a game night and just jump on the court and start playing?...NO. They warm up first.


They warm-up to get the kinks out.
To Get present and focused on their goals.
Get their shot going.
Get their muscles warmed-up.
And getting in touch with their deep core fundamentals so they are able to perform come game time.

Game and successfully picking up women consistently is identical to this.

Most newbies expect to come out and on their first approach get a make out or pull a girl. Well this isn’t how it works. Eventually you will be able to come out and get a make out during the first approach but it takes time to get to that level. Start small. And Even still, getting a makeout on your first approach is rare..So dont make intentions to do this.

When I go out, I ALWAYS pick a warm-up set. I go into this set with NO intensions. I just go in with something simple and basic… “Hey, what’s up?”...Thats it.

Then introduce myself to the girl(s), and then just chat them up for a minute or so…then GET OUT.

Note: If a warm-up set hooks, the girl doesnt want you to leave, and its on. STAY IN. Don't leave just because its the warm-up.

Yep. That’s it. Sometimes I will even think of the dumbest most amusing thing I can say and then say it. What this does is loosens you up. Gets you out of your logical mind (maybe from work, school or whatever you’ve been doing all day) and into your fun, adventurous, not giving a fuck side of yourself. And most of all...present.

I usually do about 2 to 3 warm-up sets before I start going for closes.
So remember…ALWAYS Warm up.

Day Game Warm-ups

In Day game it’s different. You don’t have time to go around and warm up while on your lunch break. In day game it’s okay to be logical and approach a girl. During the day the girl is usually working, shopping, or on her way somewhere and isn’t really looking for someone to give her a good time at this moment.

At night, women go out to have a great time, have fun, and to let go. If you come in logical of course she will blow you out, it’s going against what she wants or “think” she wants at this point in time. Get what I’m saying?
On to the next…


This is a big one. This is probably one of the biggest issues I see with most guys who go out at night. They are so worried about trying to portray an image (Like James Bond or some other “smooth” ladies man) that they take themselves too seriously and look pathetic in a night club / Dance environment.

They don’t dance, have a drink and lean against the bar, stand around all night, stare at girls, make a pathetic attempt to approach a girl who is dancing looking for fun, and gets blown out...goes home and complains about women being bitches.

Most guys try to be SMOOTH.

Cut this shit out. It’s a complete waste of time. Don’t try to be smooth. All you are doing is fucking yourself.

Have a blast. Have fun. Enjoy the night. Even if you can’t dance. Just dance and have fun. When people see you having a great time, they admire that. Even if you look dumb, they will support you.

So stop taking yourself to seriously. Laugh at yourself when you do something dumb. Don’t take interactions with girls seriously. Be spontaneous. Say something dumb. Be self-amused. Laugh. Approach. Give positive emotions. Match a girl’s vibe when you approach her.

Don’t take yourself seriously. Let go of that “mental image” of yourself....

You imagine yourself opening the girl...James Bond style....sweeping her off her feet, and taking her home…LET GO OF THIS.

Be present. Be in the moment. All there is, is now. Get into the “is-ness”.


This is key. I use to go out and just only look to approach 9s and 10s. Yeah, you can best believe I wasn’t getting laid.

One of the biggest steps to having a killer night EVERY NIGHT is to APPROACH ALL.

Girls who are a little over weight. Girls with a little acne.
I usually approach girls ranging from 7-10. I do have standards and tend to go no lower than a 7.

Just because you think you deserve a 10 does not mean you are getting one tonight buddy. Maybe in the future…

So approach all. Even if the girl isn’t that attractive or you don’t find her that attractive. Just approach. See what’s up. Besides there won’t be a tremendous amount of 9s and 10s out every night. Maybe 1 or 2.

You will see an abundance of girls who are 7-8 on any given night. These girls are great girls too. Sexy. Elegant. Horny. And ready to meet you. Do you have to marry them? Of course not.

So...Tonight…APPROACH ALL. This will lead to all sorts of adventures, crazy shit, and a great night.

Remember…to baby-step interactions.



Is getting wasted a bad thing sometimes when your with our friends? Nope.
Is getting wasted every time you go out bad? Yes.

1. When you are drunk or wasted you will probably have whiskey dick when pulling a girl.
2. Women will respect and appreciate you more by you being your total self while still being “That guy”
3. You won’t remember shit the next day. Not to mention you will probably feel horrible.
4. It’s bad for your health
5. It can become a crutch or liquid courage.
6. You probably won’t remember anything so you won’t have those references.

Am I saying don’t drink at all? NO. It’s okay to have a drink. Totally fine. But just limit yourself.

For me being under 21(20) I have had to force myself to let go and have fun without needing alcohol. Lots of times when I leave the club I am on a natural high, from letting go!

So I challenge you to cut back on the alcohol and force yourself to learn to let go and pimp it without liquid courage. Trust me, this will take your game to the next level. Especially learning to just…TURN IT ON automatically without needing anything external.

Relying on external things is the worst thing for any human. Remember this…

Step 5 – Stop Being Needy and Seeking Validation

Basically, stop letting whether you get laid, get a make out, or get some number closes determine the outcome of your night and how much fun you have.


In the end, all you can do is…DO YOUR PART. Which is GET IN THERE.

When approaching a girl, stop looking for her to give you a good time. Instead, you bring the good time to her. Pull her to the dance floor. Grind with her. Make jokes to her. Be flirty. Chatty. Witty. Do funny dances. Escalate. Kiss her. Makeout with her.

Don’t rely on a girl accepting you or any other things to have a good time.
Once you grasp this and use it, it is VERY effective. Women will love and beg to be around you.


Step 6 – Know You Are Enough…Come from a place of higher value

This is a big one too. This is a concept that is hammered by RSD Alex. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Know that no matter what a girl says, or does to you, in the end you know you are enough.
You are just a man. Nothing else matters. Don’t be reactive. If a girl tells you, you are ugly...Who cares? You are a man...don’t react to that.

If a girl tells you, you’re hot. Don’t react to it. You are enough. You are just a man.
Keep this attitude. It is a common attitude that most naturals have.

It will lead to having a great night and not letting external things determine your night.
If you were to ever game with me or go out with me you would quickly realize I just literally don’t give a fuck at all. This is because I know I am enough. I am a just a man.

In fact sometimes when I am in set, Ill just embrace “awkward” moments because I just don’t care. I am enough.

Now, do I go around like some knot on a log? NO

I still escalate, open with a strong frame, pull the girl in, and be chatty and witty and fun.
But I am non-reactive and literally don’t care if the girl walks away at any moment. I am enough.

Another thing I do is, I ALWAYS seek to self-amuse myself in interactions. If you notice things getting boring or you “run out of things to say”, remember…Self amused.

Welp, those are my top steps that allow me to have a great night every time I’m out.
For a deeper discussion on this topic. Check out Tyler’s video on this. Great stuff.

Check it out.

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