Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sitcking Through The Pain To Get Your Stunner...And Beyond.

Last Friday i was out...

And it was brutal. The game was showing its ugly face, and when it does....Boy is it ugly.

Approach after approach, blow out, blow out. Eventually after getting blown out so many times you become immune to it.

I honestly wanted to tell my wings lets pack it up and go home. But i decided to be disciplined, and push through.

Eventually i see a STUNNER(or my definition of one). Bang. Im in..

She didnt want to stop because she was with her friends, but at this point it didnt matter, and i really wanted this girl, so i stuck in their. Made her stop. And laid it on her. Then walked with her to her destination with her group of friends, and then number closed her. And yes...It was SOLID.

Text her about a hour later with some light witty humor. Responded.

Its been a week later, and i've slow played it so far. Plus i havent had time for a day 2 with her due to other things and other women im seeing.

This Friday we are going on a FREE date to see the monuments in the city at night. At first i was hestitant because im sure this girl has guys oferring her trips, free dinners and shit. But i said fuck it, it is what it is. This is where i am..We are doing some free shit and its gonna be better than what any other guy can offer..

So here we go...I will have a post saturday about it. Enjoy some pics of her below. ;-)

Yep. Shes a cheerleader..Had no idea until she sent me this.


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